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  1. Thank you for the responses! I started her on B-Complex 25, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I used to give her B-Complex 50 mg, but with her multi vit already giving her 100% of her daily value, I didn't want to give her TOO much. Do you think I should up her B Vits back to 50mgs a day? As for the magnesium, at one point I was giving her 450mgs a day, but then read that that was way too much for her age/size. So right now she gets a total of 250mgs of mag taurate a day. Should I up it to 375? Is that a safe dosage for 7 years old, 55lbs? Also, Chemar - I know your son had g
  2. What vitamins/supplements do you think are the best for motor tics? My DD7's tics are very prominent and heartbreaking right now. Her motor tics are MUCH worse than her vocal tics. We have tried several different vitamins over the past 2.5 years and at one point had her on several at once, but right now I am starting her back at square one. The only vitamins she is currently taking are 1) multivitamin 2) krill oil 3) magnesium taurate (125mg 2x a day) 4)probiotics (for tummy issues) 5) inositol. What would you recommend looking into trying next? I have heard good things about L-carnitine, b
  3. Hello! My daughter will be 7 years old next month and has horrible seasonal allergies (unfortunately she got them from me!) Last spring the allergy specialist prescribed her Flonase for her rhinitis and told us to give her OTC allergy pills for her watery, itchy eyes. I am pretty sure they made her tics even worse, but it's hard to tell since the allergies themselves seemed to exacerbate her tics too. How do you treat your child's seasonal allergies? Do you use allergy meds or something more natural? I gave her some quercitin last summer but then got cold feet after doing some research th
  4. My daughter's tics are the worst I have ever seen them right now. They started waxing a few weeks ago and have yet to subside. Her neurologist suggested Intuniv (but it's $100 a month even after insurance!)so he wrote her a script for Tenex/Guanfacine (the short acting version of Intuniv). I haven't started her on it yet, but am wondering if Clonidine or Topomax would be a better medication to try. Are your kids having success with them? How old are they and what dosage are they taking? Meds has always been our "last resort" but after these past few weeks I am really starting to consider our o
  5. Thank you all for your replies! I ordered the Jarrow Inositol online the other day and it's scheduled to arrive today! (woohoo!) How much would you recommend for my daughter? She is 6.5 and about 50lbs. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you so much for your reply, Chris! She is generally a WONDERFUL child! She is very well mannered, smart, fun and easy going. This OCD onset is very unlike her normal behavior. I would love to try some inositol. I see you use a liquid form - can I ask what brand you use? It's definitely worth a shot! And thank goodness at this point her OCD (just like her tics) seem to wax and wane so it's not an every day battle! Again, thank you very much for your response!
  7. My DD6's OCD is really starting to come out. She HAS to have the refrigerator door slammed, the car door HAS to be shut a certain way, her hair HAS to be just right, shoes/clothes HAVE to fit perfectly, etc. Today I was late getting out the door for work because she was so upset about her braid not being "just right" or "comfortable". She literally had a melt down, which is not typical behavior for her (she is not a whiny child). I was told by a friend with an OCD son that it is important not to cater to the child's OCD, and to purposely NOT fix the things that make them uncomfortable to get t
  8. Hello, Flu season is right around the corner and I was just wondering how many parents in this forum get their child the flu shot. I used to get my DD6 the flu shot every year, but after all that I have read about vaccines I am very hesitant. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Ashley
  9. Hello! This is my first post so bare with me! Heres our story: We first noticed my DDs tics at age 4.5. It started with eye rolling and head turning and has manifested into various tics ever since. She has no history of strep, and we don't have any family history of TS. She is now 6.5 and is about to start 1st grade. I feel that we have tried everything: we saw a naturopath, did acupuncture, chiropractic care, had her allergy tested (strong seasonal allergies and a few food sensitivities caught by the Elisa Test), bough expensive HEPA filter air purifiers, etc etc. I have read every possible
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