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  1. Hi Dobian: Here is the herbal website I recommended: http://www.Nativeremedies.com , click on home and it will explain about the company and also you can them question on the "ask us" email part. We started last year in September becuase her tics were crazy and I was freaked about sending her to school and what kind of stigma may result from all this. So for starters I used the "ask us" feature and explained my troubles to them they recommended she use the following Brightspark for the anxiety issues and Purecalm/mindsoothe Jr. together for the tics and thank god, in two weeks, I saw a major change. Feel free to explore their website before purchasing. Tics are still there but as grave as before. I just started with their detox tincture to rule out any intestinal fungus that all may be an issue when it comes to tics. Just pour one drop of any tincture per age and mix with fruit juice and have them drink it 2/3 times a day. You can also read the testimonials and mine should be in there. Hope this works for you as it did for me and I would like to thank everyone who has taken out the time to make all this information available to us. God Bless!! evelynr
  2. Hi Deanna: Just read your posting, just want to share that I have a daughter who has been suffering from various forms of tics. we noticed last year around spring time they started to develop quite rapidly and we became concerned. One of the scary tics were pushing her back like a snap every 5 seconds uncontrollably as well as a loud humming vocal sound. then it progressed to inlcude some jumping with clapping of the hands and sometimes this would occurr all at once. I was freaked out and saw two neurologists that said that she is suffering from transient tics, and possibly the onset of Tourette Syndrome. I certainly did not agree with the medication that they quickly expect you to give your child with all the side effects involved. I felt it was something she was eating they may had affected her nervous system, she seems anxious at times. I opted to do my own research and found this great alternative herbal medicine and god bless it has worked wonders with my daughter..Please let me know if you are interested in it. I will provide the name and contact. Of course my immediate reponse to getting her help as soon as possible was with this medicine in two weeks it reduce the tics dramatically, she stills has some but very unnoticeable. She has always been an upbeat kind of kid and I do not want to take her personality/character away. My research is not over this webposting has been extremely helpful for me although I do not get to go on oftern. Another neurologist told me that my duagher was not the first with tics and would be the last and just to ignore it. I totally resent that statement and decided to get to the bottom of her condition by doing further research. I believe vitamins play a role in this condition, I give her kids vitamin free from yeast, gluten and some other ingredients that also help. Keep her away from candy and artificial coloring, I noticed something recently and I could not believe my eyes. My daughter loves Swedish Fish (Candy in different Colors) after a couple of hours her tics came out like a fireball. She was shaking her head, her body was jumping, and she felt uncomfortable and also noticed that something was happening. Its important that children know what may be causing this effect on their system. Sorry for the long story, Just trying to help in some way.
  3. HI Momonamission: At least your doctor is even attempting to find out where the strep is stemming from. One of my neuros suggested that I ignore my daughter traumatic tics until they went away. Thats when I decided to take to it to the next level and treat her myself with the native remedy and whala! miracle happens, She's been off it for several days and need not give her anything if I see strange behavior I will start again with the treatment. My daughter tests results for panda was negative and other series of bloodwork also came out negative with the exception of a slight low count on Iron in which she is now taking vitamins with iron to solve that problem. Good luck with your son and it all about faith and give it some time for the products to work. Happy New Year. Evelynr
  4. Hi mom on a mission: I am glad someone tried the nativeremedies product becuase I had posted for everyone to try at least once. I have been treating my daughter who suffers with chronic tics with the combination of purecalm, mindsoothe Jr and Brightspark and her tics are almost completely gone. I also consulted the neuro about and because its hemeopathic remedy she said it was OKay to used if it is working. Iam not sure if you read any of my postings, but I am glad it has given your son results and I wish more people can try it. These products are recommended by a pyscologist and before I started using them I consulted the company and spoke to someone about their recommendation for tics they gave me this combination of tinctures which my daughter drinks with juice twice a day due to school and thank god it has made miracles happen. My daughter took the panda test came out negative, she also had extensive blood work done for chemicals the only thing low was her iron in which she is now taking vitamins for. Once in a while I experiment to see if her own body reacts different without the remedies but If I go 4 days without I see the tics coming back along with hyperactivity as well. Happy New Year and god bless! evelynr
  5. Hi, Rebecca: I am a mom whose daughter has tics and have been treating her with herbal medicines and I am very happy with the results maybe it can be helpful for you as well. Go to the website Nativeremedies.com, read the testimonials mine is in there and they have some great products for tics and you can order adult dosage. In a short period of two weeks I notice my daughter was not ticcing as much and everything is under control. She takes them two times a day during school days and three times a day on weekends. This website is great and I want all deperate moms to try the Nativeremedies.com, they can use these products as alternative method until they can get a grip on things or try something else, the product are recommended by psychologists as well. Good luck evelyr
  6. Hi: I have discovered a natural website with testimonials that say that have cured children and adults with ADHD as well as tics and decide to give it a shot for my daughter whose six and suffers from chronic tics. She had headjerking that went on for minutes at a time and vocal yelping loudly that was driving us nuts. I started her on this treatment three weeks ago and amazingly her vocal tic is completely gone and head jerking is gone and now she has a milder tic which is jumping but that is also slowly down as well. We are so happy and I am hoping that is was the herbs becuase I have also made some small modification such as changing her toothpaste which had blue coloring to a natural base toothpaste as well as got her off her candy that she loves. I think its worth a try. If interested the website is called nativeremedies.com GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK. Evelynr
  7. Hi Fushia: As I informed nursepatti, I believe I have been able to control my daughters tics with a simple herbal remedies from nativeremedies. It has been three weeks and her headjerking is gone her annoying vocal tic is completely gone, she has a milder tic which is jumping but it is slowly down also. We are very excited about this and so is she. We just made the discovery this weekend after we missed all her tics not coming into play. If you are interested I think its worth a try they are naturally based and easy to take. Good luck and GOd BLess Evelynr
  8. Hi Nursepatti: I have been treating my daughter that sufferzs from chronic tics from headjerking tic and vocal tics and it was driving us all crazy to see her like this so I went to two different neuro and one said I should learn to ignore it and the other decided to take it slow with the diagnosis and they did not help much. In the interim, I found a website for natural herbs which I decided to try and they also have a forum and testimonials for tics and autism and adhd. Well I must say, I started her on two small tablets and two different tincture form herbals liquids and My daughter has stopped her vocal tic completely and head jerking has stopped of course with some diet modification I think these herbs are working. I am so happy right now and so is she. In a matter of three weeks we have seen major results. The medicine is giving on weekends 3/times a day in 1/4 of juice (preferably tropical punch becuase the taste is bad) and during school days twice a day once in the morning and before bed. She now has a milder tic which is jumping but I can deal with that until we get the PANDAS results from the NeURO in which they are taking their sweet time getting back to me (very frustrating), but anyway, for now I have managed to control her tics myself. If you are interested let me know and I can forward the information to you. GOD BLESS ALL and I'll keep trying to help. evelynr
  9. Hi Nursepatti: Hope you can read this. I know its extremely frustrating about your grandson becuase I am in the same boat. I got the OK from my neurologist (second opinion) doctor that she told me I should just ignore the tics and if they get to severe to give her Tenex or Cloindine medication currently used on children to treat these types of disorders content of drug: is used to control high blood pressure with many side effects. Well I know all of us do not want to use this route of medication. So the only thing I have been able to find but have not tried yet is a website called nativeremedies.com which is a herbal supplement place and they have alot of testimonials on treatments for ADhD as well as tics. I ordered some products from there Brightspark and Mindsoothe Jr. and as soon as I get the results of the PANDAS test that was done on my daughter I can then determined what needs to be done. On the other hand they also gave me the OK to use Omega 3 Vitamins or better (Flaxseed supplement for tics along with zinc and magnesium that I have read about through this forum. I was told I can get these vitamins from vitamin shoppe or any website in volumn. I thank this forum for giving me all the knowledge I have up to now on my issue with tics and learn so much of other issues as well. Any questions please email me at eveq60@hotmail.com
  10. Hi Mary: Just read your posting and first I would like to recommend for you to see a pediatric neurologist and see what they tell you. They may just tell you what they told me about my daughter she started back in May of this year with a cute humming sound and four months later she is doing three other tics. Its very frustrating and scary at the same time. On her first neurogoly appointment they recommend some medication that I refused to give her. They also told me that becuase with tics they cannot be determined over a matter of months the child must have the symptoms for a year or more to be diagnoised with an actual disorder or even Tourette Syndrome which is the umbrella condition for all the other little symptoms. I am now seeking a second opinion next week hopefully they can give me some answers on how to help her and some suggestions on natural medicine which is something I am considering. I hope this may help you, be strong for your child and if theres anything questions please feel free to ask, This website is great to help you and others as well. ER New YOrk
  11. Hi: I never heard of Pyroluria before, but I will certainly address it to my pediatric neurologist tomorrow, since my daughter has an appointment. I will keep you informed. Evelynr
  12. Hi; I read your story and I wish I can help...But I have some questions too, except I am not sure if my message went out. Title was "concerned". Would you be kind enough to tell me how you got your message posted? Maybe I am doing something wrong. I thank you and I just want to add whether or not your children have been seen by a pediatric neurologist? I have my first appointment this week for my six year old. Evelyn Rentas
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