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  1. My son is fourteen years old and has tourettes. He has had a mild case of tourettes since the third grade. Months will go by with no tics. He has taken risperdal and is currently on tenex. We recently saw a new neurologist and he has prescribed inderal for the tics. He also wanted blood work done: total IGG & IGA, ASLO, & ANTIDNA. He also want throat/stool culture. My son is also seeing a gastroenologist because he has stomach aches and constant bowel symptons. He also prescribed blood work to be done and one of the test was also an IGA work up. The gastroenologist called me today to advise me that his IGA levels from his blood work were low and recommended a biopsy. I just noticed that both the gastroenologist and the neurologist both requested the IGA work-up. I have not spoken to the neurologist yett. My questions is can the low IGA levels cause his tics? I have done research and found some information that the low IGA levels can cause stomach problems. I am just wondering if the stomach problems and the tics have something in common. Any input or suggestions would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks, Valerie
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