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  1. that is/was my daughter's BIGGEST all time fear...throwing up. We did Rothman last summer. You will watch a lot of youtube videos....our favorites were the "Family Guy Chowder" video and family on a roller coster having a blast until the mom got sick...you'll see those ones for sure! Exposure is the best help, but it's for sure not easy. The school year after sudden onset of this fear my husband had to meet my daughter at school every day for lunch just to get her through the day and b/c the lunch room is a place where throwing up usually happens. For 4th grade (this year and the year
  2. Next year is my daughter's last year of elementary....all next year and throughout the summer I plan to visit her middle school as often as possible. Maybe this summer you could pop in once per week if it is open and walk the halls...or have a popsicle on a bench outside of the school...or walk around the fields and kick a ball, etc. I plan to do this to make the transition a little easier....maybe you could talk about this with her and come up with a plan.
  3. we have a success story.....my dd was very severe with intense ocd fears.....was non-functional at onset for about 2 months.....then slowly went through the small ups and continued big downs, but never free of the ocd. Finally with time (1 1/2 years)....my daughter started doing a lot better. Attends school (voted President of her school which makes me beyond proud)....She is a now a "normal" child. Now is she completely free of ocd....not entirely, but she understands it and recognizes it and gets past it fairly quickly. She used to do compulsions all day long...maybe 100 x's per day..
  4. yes,,I forgot...the tampa aquarium is also free if staying at RMH..and my kids loved it....we also went to go see Winter the dolphin, but it was a lot of money and actually more fun seeing the dolphins at the Pier. We also went to the zoo (can't remember which one? ) but, they went on a camel ride and fed the giraffes. We had my daughter work on her 2 main fears....vomiting and eating sugar.....the eating sugar fear was beyond annoying to have because EVERY stinkin day she would come across junk at school (rewards) or at friend's house...and she loves sugar/junk foods.....she would eat it
  5. my dd went there for the same reason....INTENSE fear of vomiting.....you will watch several videos of vomiting......our personal favorite is the Family Guy chowder scene and also a spanish lady on a roller coster vomitting over and over with her family freaking out....oh, the fun memories! lol....feel free to find those lovely videos on youtube! .....she also had to go to "rate my vomit"....and rate the vomit pics people send in! It did help my daughter.....not pefect at first...but, it has given her skills to refer back to and I would say that they were, by far, the best therapy that we
  6. this has worked the best with us so far....I am also trying to treat with this only when symptoms pop back up
  7. Did she start back to gymnastics? Sadly I think these kids get too much anxiety with even the sports they love. My daughter had taken a break from her sport, but when she returned the anxiety was too much....she ALWAYS begs to keep going to gymnastics and says she LOVES it...which she does...but, I think whenever her heartrate goes up or she has to do something really hard she gets the anxiety back....and it lingers.
  8. Dr. Rahman is great!!!!! (and I am picky!) But, just a suggestion...maybe mention that you do not want your child to have an intern/practicing therapist....we had this a few times a week....one would sit in the session to listen/learn....which I think is great and needed.....then afterwards my daughter would get an extra session right after with the intern.....it could actually be a really great experience....ours was VERY nice....but, I think that the session was better ended on Dr. Rahman's note and not revisiting the same session just for practice. Pros and cons to the situation
  9. Dr. T prescribed us azithromycin 2x per week. I ended up giving it 3x's per week for 2 months and then cut down to 2 x.
  10. I am at work so only read some replies...but, just wanted to mention that w had activation with zoloft at 20mg...and again when they upped it a little it got worse.... but, I decreased it slowly on my own decision based on what I read here....she did better with the decrease HOWEVER, when we got to the point where she was completely off she sadly got worse again, so I put her back up drop by drop and she actually was BEST at only 4 small drops....there is not going to be any doctor or neurologist that will ever start you this low and all will say it's a placebo (it's not because I put it
  11. I read the books with her...and did ERP on my own with her...it does help a lot......but, I will say that after we went to Rothman in Florida it was even more helpful because she heard it from someone else...and they were able to push her more (rather than me...the mom!) Now after being there I can refer back to what she learned there...or if anything comes up that is fearful for her I will always word it as a positive..."hey, that's good that it happened...you got an exposure". mine is also sensitive to clothes....we learned to refer to "GUTI" there...."get used to it"...(and again, be
  12. Love Dr. Rahman....Dali museum is free for 1 visit if staying at RMH..so is sunken gardens. Make sure to try to see dolphins at the Pier around 5:30 each night. We were not cured after our visit...but, gained valuable skills. My daughter was afraid of thowing up (would talk about being scared approx. 100 times a day...I counted!)....never hardly brings it up now...fear is still there, but it's better....but, when other ocd things pop up (now scared of concussions)...all I have to say is..."well, you better get this ocd in check because I don't even want to think about how Dr. Rahman wou
  13. Your story is the same as ours....It even took me a while to believe the ideas of this group when I found it....(antibiotics, ivig, steroids, no pysch meds, etc.)....Every doctor and specialist in my area either did not hear of it or laughed and said, "well, you know it's a very controversial diagnosis and no one is going to treat it based on what the internet says"...ugh! Just wanted to say that you need to take a deep breath, sit back, and really listen to the plans of Dr. T and ideas here...also, realize that you will probably still have some ups and downs (wax/wane) that will continue.
  14. Have you tried a different antibiotic? ivig? we just started a bad flare and the tics came right back (on monday)....got on a different antibiotic and they stopped. any allergies?....we did not think there were any allergies at all....but, after testing my dd is allergic to cats (we had one), dust (so i dust a lot now) and a few other things also...we NEVER bring up anything about my dd's tics...(but, her tic is the loud throat clearing/grunt)....if your son's is really loud I can see how you can't ignore it...so sorry you are going through all of this....praying the steroid kicks in!
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