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  1. Hello Valhariel: 1. As others have suggested, allergy is one of the surest triggers for vocal tics. In my case, in addition to specific foods, any harsh chemical odors (including perfumes) can set them off. I try to avoid them as far as possible. A key accompanying factor (in my case) is that my lungs go into a spasm (that is I can exhale but not inhale). This causes or increases the vocal tics. I have been helped by a)Magnesium: there is evidence that Mg relaxes the lungs, b)Lily of the valley pure essence - strangely, this helps me breathe deeply; there is science to support this. c) inh
  2. Hi Fuschia: 1) I see many Carnosine & L-Carnosine supplements selling online, what is the difference between the 2? Can i get the L-Carnosine of should i go get Carnosine? I think they are the same; two sources I like are www.lef.org (high price and quality) and www.swansonvitamins.com (discount prices; 60 caps of 500 mg Carnosine under $20). 2) I see that you mentioned that once you get off Carnosine the tics return, so does this mean that i have to take Carnosine for the rest of my life? Also after taking it for a long period of time, do u know if the Carnosine supplemen
  3. Hi Anne: I am not qualified to make a statement on drug interactions with prescription medications. However, I know that Carnosine occurs naturally in the body and in meat products (if you eat 2 lbs of meat, you'll get about 500 mg of Carnosine, I think). If your son is 120 lb or over, you should consider giving him 1.5 g of Carnosine per day. I take 1 g in the morning and 0.5 g at bed time. The body is constantly metabolising Carnosine into component amino acids, so it is important to take enough to stay ahead of this process. I hope your son has good results with Carnosine. Firefly.
  4. Brett: Carnosine is a natural compound found in the body. It is a dipeptide (made of two amino acids), so it's a little protein. You can read more about it in a thread that I started on this site called "Carnosine - A Miracle Remedy" Good Luck, Firefly.
  5. Mommaonamission: I am so glad your son is doing well on Carnosine and the other supplements you are giving him ! While most people focus on the tics problem (understandably), another TS symptom is the explosive, uncontrollable episodes of rage. This could lead to a lot of relationship damage, especially in case of TS adults, if it is not recognized as a TS symptom and dealt with accordingly. The great thing about Carnosine is that it appears to get rid of the "rage" problem almost completely (in my case and a few others I am aware of). In case of TS kids, you may observe that the child
  6. Kim, Thanks for the cautionary note; we should always keep the possible risks in mind. An indication that one has carnosineurea (i.e., carnosine excreted in urine) is that you may get a white spot on your finger nail. This has happened to me once or twice in the last year (I was taking 2 g per day). One can reduce the dosage if this occurs. Of course, the white spot, once it appears won't go away but will travel toward the fingertip (as the nail grows). Giselle, I am glad to note you are taking Carnosine, too. What has been your experience? Mommaonamission, Thank you for your kind
  7. Giselle: Amazing! I'm sure if you were to conduct a survey of TSers, you'd find an overwhelming majority of them were grossly underweight as children (may be as adults, too). But I'm sure your child will hit that magic number soon and get out of the booster seat! By the way, thanks for putting a link to this thread on BrainTalk. Hope the kapos over there don't throw it out! Firefly.
  8. Giselle: I am so happy for you and your son. Carnosine appears to stop the death of brain cells caused by excitotoxicity. Cells (all cells, not just neurons) live much longer and are able to divide more number of times when Carnosine is present. I have noticed the morning effect, too. Waking up not only earlier, but fresher. Carnosine is present most in brain and muscles. The latter location is important for the natural development of muscles. It is my theory that an inherent deficiency of Carnosine is why many (most?) TS people are thin -- no matter how much they exercise. You'll
  9. Hi Giselle: I hope your son is continuing to do well on Carnosine. I think "mellow" is good. My experience is that Carnosine makes me calm but very alert (not dreamy at all). My subjective expressions of the feeling are "there is a deep quietness," "the volcano in my brain has been quenched," or "the quiver inside has subsided." I'd be interested to know your son's subjective feelings and your objective observations of Carnosine's effect. Good Luck again, Firefly.
  10. Giselle: I hope Carnosine works for your child. I know the darned thing is expensive, but the quietness inside my brain makes it worth the price! I hope you didn't buy yours at a local healthfood store (where I have seen exorbitant prices). LEF or Swanson seem best, at about $1 per gram. Waiting to hear your update, Firefly.
  11. nursepatti1, While Carnosine is a natural compound and is considered very safe, I'd not administer any therapeutic supplement to a 12-year old without consulting a doctor. There is the issue of appropriate dosage. If you are a nurse (as your handle suggests), you probably are very familiar with safety issues; however, it would still be a good idea to consult a physician who is open to alternative therapies. Carnosine is available at most health food stores that stock supplements. Online, two good sources are www.lef.org and www.swansonvitamins.com Good Luck and keep us posted,
  12. Jason: I am glad that you have started to take Carnosine and find it helpful. In a week or two, you should know the degree of benefit you are getting from it. I hope you'll be as lucky with Carnosine as I have been. The best scientific article on the mechanism of Carnosine is http://www.protein.bio.msu.ru/biokhimiya/c...l/65070998.html A paragraph you'll certainly appreciate is "Uncontrolled increase in excitotoxic compounds (glutamate, aspartate) in the interneuronal medium is an important pathogenic factor of development of ischemic injury of the brain. These excitotoxic compounds
  13. Jason: Thank you for the very interesting website link! I will certainly check it out. I would agree with you that many neurological disorders (epilepsy, TS, autism,...) are different expressions of similar patterns of neurolopathology. While I am no medical expert, I have (as you probably do) an insider's insight into my brain. When I try to educate myself on the neuroscience, something clicks inside! As you know, glutamate is one of the excitatory neurotransmitters, which if not adequately captured by receptor sites, can cause toxicity to neurons, inducing them to commit suicide (ap
  14. Hi Mike: The time of day doesn't matter. I used to take 500 mg of Carnosine (in a formulation similar to LEF's Chronoforte) in the morning, 500 mg of pure Carnosine each at 4 PM and 10 PM. Now I take 1000 mg of Carnosine (part of the new Mitochondrial formulation of LEF) in the morning, and 500 mg of pure Carnosine at night. I hope the stuff works as well for you as it does for me. Keep us all posted. Good luck, Firefly.
  15. Thanks, Chemar. I checked it out, seems to be an interesting site! It doesn't have a forum, though. I was looking for a place where TS adults or teens hang out online. Firefly
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