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  1. STUDY STRATEGIES The University of Kansas special education department under Deshler and Schumaker has developed many strategies for the high school and college learning disabled student. I have utilized these strategies in my high school classroom with great success. The strategies include: test taking, paraphrasing, sentence writing ( simple, compound, complex and compound-complex) and several more. You not only learn a skill, but you will learn to "self-talk" through a given situation with consistency and success. Go to the U. of Kansas website to learn more about the strategies. I would also like to recommend that you go the NCLD website for techniques that will help you. Call your high school special education teacher and ask for her help. Personally, I had students contact me for a refresher of the self-talk that was taught to jog their memory. I have also intervened on behalf of the student who was getting tutoring at the university level, but that tutoring lacked the techniques used to help LD students. By all means contact the Vocational Rehabilitation office in the town that the university is located in. They can avocate for you as well as help pay for specialized tutoring. Good luck!
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