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  1. I'm not sure how old your child is, however I think I personally responded better to doxy than mino. I am on mino now because I wasnt able to keep the nausea at bay with doxy, however I think I may switch back. Definitely lifted the "fog" better than mino for myself. Hope that helps.
  2. Have you looked into a charter program? We have a couple here (San Diego area) that meet 2x a week with the rest of the work being completed at home. We found it best to homeschool 2 of ours and add supplemental classes as needed :-) Good luck with whatever you choose,
  3. Hoping to hear some opinions. My Llmd thinks maybe oral antibiotics arent working. Tried various combinations the past year and a half. Thought we were doing ok, stopped the antibiotics and symptoms returned (mostly neuro). She thinks we need to try iv abx. The problem is we may not be able to afford them. Is it possible to keep lyme at bay with oral abx in all cases? It seems in my case they keep the symptoms to a minimum but as soon as I stop the symptoms return. Im taking Flagyl, Doxy, and Azithromycin. Im allergic to Penicillin. Possibly going to add Rafampin as a last resort? Taking lots of herbs and detoxing like crazy. Feeling like I might never be able to stop the meds. All thoughts appreciated ;-)
  4. Thank you for your reply. I am splitting a 500 mg capsule. Today is only day 2 and his tics are continuing to worsen. Hopefully they will settle down soon :-) Since this is our first year we havent quite gotten used to the idea of them going away only to come back.
  5. Hi! After reading a few posts and after the past few weeks of worsening in my sons tics I thought about adding in Glucosamine Sulfate. I know it was in an older formula of Kirkman Spectrum Complete which we have been using since March. I do not know where to begin dosing him at. He is 59lbs. Also can I still continue the epsom salt baths or could that be an overload to his system? If your familiar with the supplement, id love to hear from you. Thanks :-)
  6. Hi, I am so sorry for you and your family. This board has been a huge resource for us and I hope for you. I guess I would say not to panic. We try to take one day at a time. Our son begin having tics/behavior problems a year ago. We enjoyed a relatively peaceful 7 months and now things have turned for the worse. I would recommend getting an IGENEX test for the Lyme. I was CDC negative but very positive based on their criteria and the treatment I am receiving is allowing me to live a semi-normal life. My son saw a neurologist at Childrens who said we could medicate if we wanted but there was nothing they could do otherwise. We are treating with supplements know that have helped so much. Comb the boards there is a ton of information Sending HUGS.....Windy
  7. I just want to add that since being on diflucan 200mg a day, I feel TONS better. Many neuro symptoms are gone and others drastically improved;-)
  8. Thanks for the link...I may ask for Tindamax instead of the flagyl Ive been taking ;-)
  9. Thanks all! Makes me feel a bit better. I think the Flagyl is 1000mg/ daily for 2 weeks and off for 2 weeks, but that may be for the Azithromycin, I need to check :-) I'm glad you think its a good start, and yes the Flagyl has me down more than I care for, mostly just fatigue and nausea. Glad to know its doing something! I will check into the other if its getting too hard to handle.
  10. Hi, I am separating the doses. I have learned how to navigate the doxy, the azithromycin seems to be alright. I forgot I am also taking diflucan twice a day. The flagyl is giving me the most trouble. Besides the severe stomach upset, I dont like the cloudy emotional feeling I get on it. I guess I just want to know that this sort of combination falls within "normal" for treating Lyme. We are doing monthly liver checks... thanks,
  11. My son had many facial tics and though a very small mouth stretching has returned we had success in Kirkman Spectrum Complete (unflavored) removing gluten/dairy, and many dyes and non organics. Getting enough sleep is also a big issue with him. I dont know which of the things we changed had the greatest effect however I would try the Spectrum Complete and maybe even some dietary changes as well. Good luck, I am so thankful his tics arent bad now, they are so scary for me to watch.
  12. Hi, I'm still new here but curious to your thoughts about the following dosages for a recently diagnosed case of Lyme. Not sure how long I have had it. I dont remember being bit. My Igenex was positive and had I had a positive vs IND on one band the CDC would have been positive to. I am taking: 1000 mg Flagyl 500 mg Azithromycin 400 mg Doxy possible omnicef in the near future. I am pretty miserable. I was feeling much better on Doxy alone. Anyone have experience with this or a similar combination? and any tips to keep them down? Thanks :-)
  13. I dont have any experience with a child and Bells Palsy, however I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy in April, along with many neurological symptoms that came in the upcoming weeks. I was told it was most likely MS ( mother has it ...maybe Lyme?) anyway I also slept for ridiculous amounts of time that first month. Recently was diagnosed with Lyme via Igenex. This was after a negative Western Blot ordered by my MD. I would suggest the Igenex test. I hope she finds a doctor who can help her soon.
  14. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to extend a thank you for leading me down the Lyme path as a possible diagnosis. My son is doing better and has yet to be tested (will soon, finances are causing us to treat the worst case first:( however I received my IGenex lab results today and they are positive for Lyme. I also want to thank SFMom for the recommendation of Dr Nicola in San Diego. She has been a blessing the last few months. I will begin pouring through this forum for suggestions and support but wanted to let you know I would never have looked at Lyme without your suggestions. So thank you again, it has been no easy task the last few months but we may have caught this early and that is because of you. ~Windy
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