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  1. thanks everyone for your replies. this is what I have noticed. I think my son has a good response to weekly (or about every 5 days) of zithromax to control his symptoms of pandas due to the anti-inflammatory (immune modulating) effects of zithromax. It's too hard to know what is triggering his symptoms....virus, strep, uri.... are any of you using zithro for these purposes? the macrolides type of antibiotics have this immune modulating property and many are using zithro for pandas in this way.... thoughts? you can google zithromax and immune modulation for more info on google or on latitudes....
  2. Hi, My son seems to greatly benefit from Zithromax taken for immunomodulation purposes. It acts an as anti-inflammatory drug, not for the anti-biotic properties. It seems he would need it every 3-5 days or so to be symptom free. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, My 6 yr old son has a mild case of PANDAS for two years now. Last September we put him on prophylactic weekly zithromax because his ocd and rages had gotten more severe. All of his symptoms diminished almost immediately and he had a really fabulous winter, almost no signs of pandas. Then about 2 months ago he started having hyperactivity after getting his oral suspension (red liquid) zithromax, to the point where he said, "mom, I can't stop my body!" So, then I gave him a med holiday to see how he would be off of the zithro. Within 2 weeks a new tic started. Then we all got sick and he flared more (4 behavioral meltdowns in one week). He took some zithro for 3 days thinking we all had mycoplasma and found that he could now swallow pills. So, his behavior is pretty good, maybe some sensitivity 2-5 times a week, not full tantrums. However, his tics have increased in type of quantity. But no one hardly even notices them, not even him. But they exist, just watch him closely for 5 minutes and you'll see the repititions. Oh, also not sleeping well, bad dreams, peeing in bed at night. So, my question is should I put him back on a weekly oral pill of zithro or do we just tolerate all of this since it is quite tolerable. I understand that the zithro is used more for its immuno-modulation than for its antibiotic qualities. I just don't want his basal ganglia inflamed and causing him these mild discomforts. And I want his body in a neutral place. So, meds or no meds..... maybe for some weeks until we're more into summer and school is out so less germs around??? thoughts?
  4. What would you do? We are between health insurance and doctors at the moment....my 6 yr old son (PANDAS for 2 years) is on a typical weekly prophylactic dose of zithro for 6 months which really helped stop rages/behaviors. However, for the past month there is now nightly bedwetting, 45 minute ocd driven tantrums with rages several times a week, irritability, etc. We started a regular dose of Augmentin twice a day for 10 days then once a day after that. We're now just on the once a day augmentin dose just as of yesterday. No help has been seen with the Augmentin. I'm likely going to start giving the zithro more like every 4 days instead of every 7 days since that is when we start seeing behaviors. However, he's starting to have insomnia the nights that he takes zithro. What would you do next?
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