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  1. thanks everyone for your replies. this is what I have noticed. I think my son has a good response to weekly (or about every 5 days) of zithromax to control his symptoms of pandas due to the anti-inflammatory (immune modulating) effects of zithromax. It's too hard to know what is triggering his symptoms....virus, strep, uri.... are any of you using zithro for these purposes? the macrolides type of antibiotics have this immune modulating property and many are using zithro for pandas in this way.... thoughts? you can google zithromax and immune modulation for more info on google or on lati
  2. Hi, My son seems to greatly benefit from Zithromax taken for immunomodulation purposes. It acts an as anti-inflammatory drug, not for the anti-biotic properties. It seems he would need it every 3-5 days or so to be symptom free. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, My 6 yr old son has a mild case of PANDAS for two years now. Last September we put him on prophylactic weekly zithromax because his ocd and rages had gotten more severe. All of his symptoms diminished almost immediately and he had a really fabulous winter, almost no signs of pandas. Then about 2 months ago he started having hyperactivity after getting his oral suspension (red liquid) zithromax, to the point where he said, "mom, I can't stop my body!" So, then I gave him a med holiday to see how he would be off of the zithro. Within 2 weeks a new tic started. Then we all got sick and
  4. What would you do? We are between health insurance and doctors at the moment....my 6 yr old son (PANDAS for 2 years) is on a typical weekly prophylactic dose of zithro for 6 months which really helped stop rages/behaviors. However, for the past month there is now nightly bedwetting, 45 minute ocd driven tantrums with rages several times a week, irritability, etc. We started a regular dose of Augmentin twice a day for 10 days then once a day after that. We're now just on the once a day augmentin dose just as of yesterday. No help has been seen with the Augmentin. I'm likely going to start giv
  5. thanks for all of the heartfelt responses. yes, I think it's time for some family therapy!
  6. thanks for the reply....I thought that this website was a place that we probably all have similar situations and can commiserate. I have kind of theorized that my son is his normal self 80 percent of the time, 10 percent are normal 5 year old behaviors, but 10 are pandas. and when he is flaring, then the pandas can go to 30 percent. thankfully not too often and ibuprofen helps a lot with the flares. when I have read up on tourette's it says that many kids do blow up more at home just because it is a safe and accepting place. i hate all of the suffering (repressing tics/emotions, etc) that
  7. Hi, my son was diagnosed with pandas 1 1/2 years ago with the onset of physical tics, behaviors and now verbal tics and more behaviors.... I am so tired of my friends, family, neighbors and even my husband questioning my parenting skills and seeming to blame a lot of my son's behaviors on me! It is hard to continue to be confronted about all of this. My son has a mild case of pandas and I believe that he keeps a lot of his adverse behaviors for when he is with me because I am his safe person. Many of my friends, neighbors and family cannot even believe that he has pandas because they do
  8. how long of a remission was you son in between ivig and first flare up? did you change your assessment of him being what you thought to be mild, then to moderate, based on his behavior after ivig and having lost sight of what his baseline was? what would make you get a repeat ivig?
  9. my son is not on antibiotics and only rarely tests positive for strep in the throat. he has not really ever taken long term antibiotics. the doctors (only mildly pandas friendly) state that since there isn't throat strep then why give him antibiotics? but strep could be anywhere in the body, right? his ASO titers are ok....300's (initially), 200's, 100's. but he gets into contact with some many bacterias/viruses/etc with friends and at school and at activities that I have no control over...and typically these illnesses or even just his immune system fighting off a virus without ever getti
  10. I have called Yale and they say he does not have severe enough symptoms to be accepted into the ivig study.
  11. thanks for the response, he has been sick for over 1 1/2 years, since he was 4 years old.
  12. by "help" do you mean IVIG? we've seen plenty of doctors, some believers in PANDAS, some not. but the only tool we have that works some of the time is ibuprofen.
  13. has anyone been successful with doing things to protect the immune system of their child? any books that are helpful, diets, vitamins, hygiene, etc???? my son will start a new school in a week and he can become symptomatic just being around sick people (his immune system is probably fighting whatever he came into contact with from them)....but, of course, most of it is invisible. except when this summer he had poison ivy rash and miserable behavior and tics triggered by it! thanks!
  14. my son is 5 1/2 years old and has PANDAS with physical and verbal tics and behavioral issues coming and going every few months. It is a very unpredictable situation. Should we consider IVIG to just get beyond this? I wouldn't call his case severe, more in the mild/moderate range. But waiting for puberty or to "grow out of this" seems like such a long, stressful wait with lots of consequences. Should we just start throwing money at the problem to rid him of this? Thoughts? I live in Madison, WI and there are no real specialists here in PANDAS so we may have to travel to Chicago or do lots
  15. Hi, my 5 1/2 year old son has Pandas, tourette's, and is having an exacerbation that is occurring now which includes oppositional defiance disorder. he does not have an IEP (spec ed). he is starting kindergarten at a new school. what should i tell his teacher? I really want her to not punish or argue with him. if he is being defiant it is because he has brain inflammation and he is not really in control of his emotions. plus she will not easily win over his defiance...i'm afraid he'll end up with the principal and in big trouble. any thoughts as to how to tell her to deal with his defi
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