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  1. My current relationship ship is going much better now I have more routine visits with my therapist. The less I had someone professional to speak to I would begin seeking reassurance from my partner which could only be very taxing on them. It also made me feel like they thought I was weak. My OCD was spike to the point I would seek reassurance from everyone and be non stop about it. I try to remind myself that if I'm not discussing my OCD with a doctor then I shouldn't be seeking help from non experts.
  2. I did a similar thing with counting during conversations except I would pick out all words in a sentence that had an even number of letters then I would total the letters. Sometimes I would do this with syllables. This was probably the least bothersome OCD tic I've had though, lol.
  3. That would be a concern for any boyfriend/husband but for the questioning to be a daily routine has to be draining on you. What are things has he been subjects has he been demonstrating OCD tendencies in? When was he diagnosed?
  4. I believe some medications can diminish sexual drive but I'm not sure but permanent sexual dysfunction. My doctor told me that any possible side effects are diminished once you quit taking the medication. There is still a drive, just not as strong from my understanding. I took Zoloft at the time.
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