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  1. My daughter is trying Bonnie's vitamins and her chronic head nod and eye blink are getting worse instead of better. We have not even reached 1/2 of the recommended dosage. We do have an appointment with a Dr. in August, but she wanted to try and see if the vitamins helped before school started. I have read in the forum where sometimes things get worse before they get better. Do you think that is it, or should we discontinue. I hate to do something that makes it worse!! I don't know what to do for her in the morning. Thanks, Susanmom
  2. Thanks for your responses. Can you tell me more about chelation? What are the most common treatments for this and what do you think is the best and least invasive? Also, how reliable are the metal tests? The tests the Dr are going to do are a BTA (biological terrain assesment) and a CRT (computerized Regulation Thermography). Do you know anything about these tests? Do you know what they would be looking for and the possible treatments they will suggest? I know this is a huge question, but I am still trying to piece it all together. Is there a good book that summerizes what I am talking about? Thanks for your help! Also, I was looking on another forum from the spots strian and saw the gluten, yeast connection. She went gluten free and started the tics on the same day, the day she had an EEG for her "foggy spells" that she could not shake. As soon as she went GF, her foggy spells dissappeared, but the tic began. It is indeed a puzzle. Did I say she has mild learning disabilities and her younger sister (also GF) has ADHD? Curious. Susanmom
  3. I made an appointment today with a Dr I found through the aaem from this web site. I am excited to be going somewhere, but still feel so uneducated. Are the heavy metals a problem a lot of kids with tics have? Is this a high percentage problem and do most kids who detox find a lot of relief from thier tics as a result? I went ahead an bought bonnies vitamins, but now I think I ought to wait until I go to the dr before I start them. Everything seems so out there, and to a 14 year old girl, who doesn't want to be different, I need to pick wisely what approach to take. The three things that seem the most relevent to her is possible yeast (I need to redo the spit test), vitamins, and heavy metals. She is already gluten free and has been tested for strep. Is there a big red flag I am missing? Thanks, Susanmom
  4. Here is another basic question. What is an lcd screen? My daughter is going to a private high school next year that requires every child have a lap top which they use in about half of their classes. If I need to make any special requests, I had better do it soon. Thanks. Susanmom
  5. I am looking at the tic section of this web site for my older daughter and noticed a strong connection between tics and yeast. Is there also a connection for ADHD? My younger daughter has this. I was also thinking of trying Bonnies vitamins her her, as it says they help inattention also. Do you know anything about this? Thanks, Susanmom
  6. Is there a good way to find a doctor that could test for these kinds of things? Susanmom
  7. I am new to this site and am amazed at what I have found. I have searched many a late night trying to find something to help my 14 year old daughter. She has a head tic which nods like she is agreeing with you. She also has started an eye blink. Her neurologist says that the only thing we can do is wait it out or try the meds. We briefly tried them with no help and almost complete sedation. We have been doing nothing for a year. Her pedi tested for many things including yeast and strep, but found nothing. She has told me many times that screens make her tic worse, and tries to avoid them. When I saw that on your web site as a big stimulant, I knew we were in the right place. I think I will try the bonnie vitamins and see what happens. The only time she has been tic free in two years was when I picked her up from camp last summer. She was only gone a week, but it was amazing.It was back within a day of being with us. Maybe the stress of being with younger sibling? She is also on a gluten free diet, as she has been diganosed with gluten senstivity. Her youngest sister has full blown celiac disease. Her 12 year old sister has ADHD. Any big advice? Should I try the vitamins and see what happens first? Should I look into all the metal testing and stuff? Should I jump into the elimintion diet? Thanks!
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