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  1. I'm 20 and I've been counting letters for over ten years. I count the number of lines that make up each letter, always capitalized and add that up, then I count how many letters are in the word, then i count how many syllables the word is and then i always add one, because it's one word (unless of course im doing a sentence, then i add up each word in the sentence) for a simple example: "READ" 3432=12 + 4 letters= 4 + one syllable = 1+ one word = 1 total: 18 I count road signs ALWAYS, and I can be counting while I'm having a full on conversation with someone, I can count the words after I close my eyes, it stays in my head. I try to stop counting in the middle and often find myself forcing to do something else. It works sometimes but a "habit" that is over ten years old is hard to stop. I went to a psychologist about a year ago to see if this was OCD but I dont think it was very insightful. I have self-diagnosed it as obsessive or chronic letter counting. It was actually welcoming to read other threads about people doing this, all with a slight variation but mainly the same idea. I want to add that the speed I can do this at is remarkable. My brother thinks it's crazy and he sometimes teases me by saying such things as "AEROPOSTALE... OK GO" and without thinking I'm already counting away. He doesnt understand that my brain is constantly working, I can be relaxing on the couch yet my brain is counting the "Bless our Home" sign hanging on the wall. This is a long thread but I'm encouraged knowing other people do similar acts. It's nice knowing you're not the only one out there. -anxiously awaiting replies
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