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  1. Hi. Does any body else notice a distinct correlation between an increase in defiant and "hyper" behavior when your child is having a day with more tics? It seems to always go hand in hand with my son. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was really hoping to hear from some parents with experience in homeschooling. It's been very hard to get any objective input from people about whether or not homeschooling would be beneficial. For us, it's not really about wrapping him in bubble wrap. It's about what age is most developmentally appropriate to expose him to the teasing that will come. His ticcing, which is severe and loud and will undoubtedly be disruptive to class at times, is not something we chose to medicate him for at this time. We never considered homeschooling our oldest child, who also has "
  3. Hi. New member here. Our youngest son, who just turned 5, has just been diagnosed with Tourettes. He has been going through a period, over the last month, where his motor/vocal tics have been pretty dramatic. Our pediatrician encouraged us to take him out of his part time preschool in an effort to decrease any unneccessary stress. We were already considering doing this and so have done so. Our ped has also encouraged to consider possible options to putting him in public school next fall, for his kindergarden year. He thinks public school might not provide the least stressful, most suppo
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