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  1. My daughter also takes a multi with 400mcg in it. She is taking 400 mcg in addition to the multi.It is in a seperate tablet.
  2. My daughter weighs 90lbs but is taking 400mcg not 400 mg .We did not test for folic acid deficiency.I had read an article and thought to give it a try because of its positive effect on brain development.iI just asked the pharmacist for a daily dose and that was the 400 mcg.
  3. The tics were actually the first to go.She was clearing her throat a million times a day and was embarrassed as well because it was distracting in class.Her tics disappeared with the folic acid.Her hand writing improved, her separation anxiety went, and anxiety.She has had strep again but only the anxiety returned for two days but not the tics. I hope it helps your son.Good luck
  4. I hope it works.It has been the only thing that did help.We spent a lot of money on different solutions.This was the only miracle?God bless your daughter.
  5. I have not been on the forum for a while but wanted to share the amazing improvements for my girl who is 10.She was diagnosed a year and half ago and went through severe pandas symptoms.Tics and anxiety was through the roof and we tried many things.Every new trial with different solutions took only the edge away but never was this child at peace.Finally one thing worked to eliminate the anxiety and tics and that was Folic acid.It took a month of daily use .400mcg once a day and all supplements stopped except multi vitamin.She has been anxiety free for 6 months with only 2 days relapse with a
  6. Thanks for your response. I've read about the GAPS diet and just wondered if symptoms of anxiety got worse at the beginning of the diet.I understand that a die off period happens with the intestinal bacteria sending toxins through the body in high volume.Did your child experience any of this and how long did it last? My daughter is having some OCD symptoms that are worse than ever. Thanks so much Sue
  7. Hi Just started my 9yr old dughter with the supplement NAC for Ocd (Pandas diagnosed Jan/11) and the SCD diet.Our doctor recommended both very strongly so its been only a week with anxiety diminishing every day.Anyone who has tried either Nac or diet would love to hear.What a hopeful day
  8. My 9yr old daughter has that reaction when she is on abx .Its not the azithromycin it is the reaction to infection .She has Pandas does your daughter?
  9. It is very likely that your son is aware that his compulsive behavior is different than his friends and tries to hide it. My daughter does this as well but will be more symptomatic with her family. They are more authentic with family because that is where they are safe. Just remember children watch to see what is socially acceptable and learn from watching others. My daughter at 9yrs old knows that her ocd behavior is not normal and will often cry because she suffers with self esteem because she feels different. Just remember children with Pandas want to fit in too and its just much harder for
  10. My daughter 9 has Pandas.Yesterday the psychiatrist noticed that her reply to questions was slow. I have noticed that conversation going in takes effort to process and she has to think hard to give a reply to questions.Has anyone else had cognitive delays like this with Pandas? She avoids reading because her ability to grasp what she is reading is tiresome for her.She loved to read before her onset of Pandas.Its sad .
  11. Hi My daughter is on Cefzil abx 500mg per day and her throat clearing stopped.When the doctor dropped the dose down to 250mg her tics came back worse then ever.Any change of meds seem to be th trigger.Cefzil has helped with OCD and tics.We deal with mild anxiety.Give it a try.
  12. My 9yr old daughter was diagnosed January with Pandas and had only a month of severe OCD symptoms.It was hand washing,fears of imperfection and she was constantly questioning us for reassurance.Very hard and painful time. We have a wonderful doctor who treated her with abx and she has been now on 6 weeks worth.I feel a major change since the abx started. Hand washing stopped and questioning stopped .When I ask her if she feels any better she says that she does not know.Her anxiety appears to be less but she has no awareness if its less. I want to believe its improvement or is she hiding it
  13. Hi My doctor called and said my daughter's liver enzymes are elevated but didn't have time to discuss it further.Does anyone know anything about these results and how this relates to a pandas diagnosis? do the liver enzymes elevate? I appreciate your input.
  14. Our doctor called today and said that my daughter's liver enzymes are elevated. Does anyone know anything about this and if other Pandas children have these results? I would appreciate you sharing.This forum is really a support.I thank you all for being there.
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