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  1. Hi Does anyone have the email address for Dr. Latimer?
  2. Looking for Dr. Latimer's email address

  3. Sorry to here your son's tics are so severe. We have found that removing dairy and potatoes from my son's diet, testing revealed intolerances, adding taurine, omega 3 and other vitamins he was deficient in reduced his tics dramatically. He also does not eat any packaged foods. The greatest reduction was when we removed the dairy. After being treated for yeast overgrowth, adding amino acids and acupuncture to his routine his tics are almost non-existant. He has flare ups occasionally but most of the time his family are the only ones to notice the tics now. I hope this helps.
  4. Acupuncture has helped with some of my son's OCD symptoms and it has decreased his anxiety. He had several sessions before we noticed any improvements but we notice now when he is overdue for an appointment. Sometimes, during a session he falls asleep and that night he sleeps very well, peaceful.
  5. My son's behaviour improved when we removed any additives and preservatives from his diet. But the change in his behaviour and his tics improved dramatically when we removed dairy and potatoes from his diet. A food intolerance test returned a casein and potato intolerances along with some mild ones. We also found that acupuncture decreased his anxiety.
  6. Hi I'm new to the forum. My son was diagnosed last week with PANDAS by his naturopath. Does anyone know of a doctor that is knowledgeable about Pandas or if plasmapheresis or IVIG are available anywhere in Canada for PANDAs?
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