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  1. Hi, brand new here and in Australia, so everyone else is probably in bed! I have a darling 4 year old boy with some problems - he is showing aggression towards other children, often won't obey rules at preschool, and is very high energy. He is also very bright. His older half brother (his fathers child) has a tourette's syndrome, quite severely, with every tic under the sun. My husband also displays some tics and was a highly engergetic child. I am taking my son Joe to a pediatrician, unfortunatley I live in a small town and can't get an appointment till August. In the mean time I am trying him on a combination of omega oils (as of today!) Anyone had good results? I also notice his aggression is worse after a bout of TV and would love to get rid of it - is there any evidence re TV and ADHD or Tourettes? Thank you!
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