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  1. BCBS TX has denied the request for IVIG for my DS8. I was reading the response that you sent to Saddie about her appeal to BCBS and wondered if I too could use your letter in an appeal to BCBS.

  2. You have posted on my posts before and are from Texas like us. Just wondering if you have any more suggestions for doctors. We have been to see Dr. infante and Dr. Russell. Both are great and PANDAS friendly. I have heard mixed reviews about Dr. Roa. I am searching for a PANDAS doctor that is an expert on the treatment not just familiar and friendly to the treatment. Any ideas?

  3. Hi, I also live near San Antonio and have a DS8 that was dx with PANDAS. We see Dr. infante and Dr. Russell. Which doctors do you see and do you feel they have helped?

  4. Hi, I am from Texas too. We live southeast of San Antonio. Which doctors do you use?

    1. NMom


      I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I just saw your comment for some reason. I live in Houston and am currently traveling to see Dr Rai in Dallas. Who do you see?

  5. Here is the contact information for Dr. Bruce Russell in Port Aransas.

    361-749-1930. I had to email him first and explain our journey because he was not accepting patients. His email is is drbrucekids@yahoo.com. Please call me if you can. I would love to visit with a fellow mom. 361-537-0051 or kathrynt1030@aol.com

  6. How are things going for you? Would love to get our boys together this summer if you have time.

  7. We met at Dr. I in Dec. Sorry to hear about the insurance problem. We too have BCBS. Are your boys doing better? Luke is on low dose azithromicin. Not much change in tics and I don't know how to ask for stronger dosage.

  8. I am appreciative of all the other PANDAS parents who post on this forum and help to enlighten other families by sharing their stories.

  9. i received an email from her lab stating the study had been closed.. we have been waiting since April for the results of the blood test and didn't get them. Sorry for the bad news. When I called on Friday Cathy Alvarez was out of the lab untill Monday.

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