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  1. Thanks for doing this video - great job!
  2. My PANDAs son began a constant cough that was associated with eating (as soon as he walked toward the table it would start, and continue through the meal, hundreds of times. Only around eating. We put him on 14 days of Amoxyl (assumed that he may have gotten strep again) and it disappeared. He then began a blinking tic, which has also since disappeared. I believe it can be a tic. I am curious if your son is on prophylactic antibiotics or not.
  3. Hi - do you know where in Toronto one can access the Anti-Dnase B test? We had ASOT but were told to have the other too, only to have the lab tell us they consider it the same test. Thanks for any help

  4. Hi momto2pandas - can you tell me where in Canada you can get ivig for PANDA? I am seeking it in the States because I cannot find anyone here that will do it. They will do IVIG for ITP and for Kawasaki, but not PANDA. Any help or direction is so much appreciated.

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