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  1. Hi Jane S, Well, where to begin. If you are going to take the adderall xr, you should take it as prescribed. although there is 'talk' about a lot of college/high school students abusing the medicine by purchasing it from another source and taking it when they need to cram for an exam, it will have a not so good effect on them in the long run. As with most medicines that are prescribed, your body needs a constant level maintained for the results to be consistant. i experienced much of the same symptoms that you do and the adderall has really helped me a lot. as for forming a dependency, i hone
  2. Hi, I take Adderall 25mg XR combined with Cymbalta 60 mg for ADHD and Anxiety/Stress/Patience. Unfortunately, I suffer from horrible spring and fall allergies. Well, My Dr. told me I could take my Allegra with my meds, and lo and behold, I break out in major hives! Anyway, I called the Dr., and I called the pharmacy and no one can find any contraindications between the 3 medicines. I know it has to be the Allegra reacting with the Adderall and the Cymbalta but, like I said, the Dr's found nothing. Has anyone else with allergies had a reaction between one or both of these meds and an allergy
  3. Hi Julie, I know your post is old, but it actually made me want to register and respond, so, I hope this helps. I am 35 years old and have known for some time that I have had ADHD for a good part of my life. I was not officially diagnosed with it until I was 32, but looking back, I now see that had Doctors known then what they know now, I would have done a lot better in school and not had to struggle so much. Anyway, I take Adderall 25mg XR and I too have always had mood swings (worse as I got older). My lack of patience for certain things has increased drastically over the years. I am al
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