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  1. I am so sorry. I thought I had already replied again but I went and looked back and I don't see what I wrote. I talked to my husband again and I told him about the study that just opened up. He said that we will go wherever and go to whomever we need to get our daughter taken care of if she continues to backslide. We have had 3 great days with her so I am going to see what she does over the weekend and I am going to try and do a mommy daughter day out to really get to sit and talk with her and see if she is struggling with some of the thoughts again. I am also going to call one of the Drs.
  2. Just got back home from a pretty busy day. I have a question for MichaelTampa's post. I guess I don't really understand what a neurologist does and why I wouldn't go see them. Do they prescribe like a psychiatrist would? Both my pediatrician and the immunologist that I spoke with said "IF" (they were big on thier if's) it is PANDAS that is who they would send me to. Is that just another mistep that Dr's are taking with this disease? I had called the Neurologist this morning(before I checked here) and they are going to get back to me tomorrow. I did speak with Dr. T and he was great!
  3. I don't really know what else to do. I wrote about 10 days ago about my daughter. She was having OCD behaviors, tested positive for strep, got antibiotics, and was doing better two days after starting meds. I asked for advice and got great ideas here. But, after talking to my husband we decided to try and stay with local Drs(he is incredibly uncomfortable working with someone we have never met). I have met or talked with about 4 Drs in the area and they all said they either don't believe in it or don't believe that this is what is going on with my daughter. They can't see the tie.
  4. Thank you again. I was feeling a little deflated this afternoon. My husband and I feel like this is a very reasonable path to follow right now and it really makes sense. We figure that if we are wrong and our daughter does have OCD it will still be there, the meds and therapies will still be there and the choice to treat it as such will still be there. BUT...what we are afraid of is not following this path and ending up with a daughter who continues to get worse with PANDAS because we didn't follow this up. As you all know it is horrible to see the pain (inside for my dd) and not be
  5. I sent my pediatrician the NIH article and then called her today to tell her that my daughter is doing significantly better. She said she does not believe my daughter has PANDAS. Her reasoning... 1. No Choreiform movements. 2. she would not be reacting so well to the antibiotics if it was PANDAS 3. she said since it has been going on so long? I had explained to her that my daughter has gone through phases before where she was obsessed with something. I know it was not everyday but rather I can now remember back(a year or two ago) that she my have had periods where other things may ha
  6. I have to say that the only reason I even looked at PANDAS was because of the article I read on Kids health happened to mention a very small chance of this being a possibility(I need to write them a note of thanks!). Then when I looked it up there were all of the most recent studies from October and December 2010(I think. Without finding these things my daughter would be on medication for OCD right now and not being treated for the strep. I am going to follow up with my pediatrician and see if she followed up with the article I passed on to her. If she did and if she is willing to find out
  7. Thank you! Still watching and waiting but really shocked to see such a quick turnaround. I have no idea if that is normal or not. My husband did talk to her a little about the handwashing but I don't think that is what changed it? She just seems calmer. Has anyone had a kiddo turn around this fast? She is still doing a few things out of charachter but a huge improvement!
  8. So, I have a 9 y/o who started showing OCD symptoms over winter break. Constant handwashing, asking us if she needed to wash her hands, intrusive "bad thoughts". She was asking about 25-30 times a day but I didn't really catch on until a little over a week ago because she was spreading it out between family members. side not: Her brother has had strep almost constantly since October. I did a seach over a week ago on OCD and she fits it to a tee. I spoke with a child psycologist and they thought it sounded like OCD to them and that she should be seen. Then I took my son in for his rech
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