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  1. I've made some really good progress with M.E. through nutritional therapy , it has especially helped to have a Nutritionalist whohas a lot of experience this area. I have several friends with various health problems, I'd like to point them to a nutritionalist and also let them know of others who have benefitted from this sort of help. So I'm looking for a message board/ forum/ disscusion board re: nutrition, natural living/ products, tips re: household hygiene, healthy living etc! Where others can share how healthy eating etc. has helped them. please. Thanks
  2. ThankfulAmanda

    Any Natural treatment please?

    Thank you so much for your help, will pass this on to friend who needs it. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know any natural treatments please? e.g. supplements/ nutritional? Thank you.
  4. ThankfulAmanda

    asking for prayers please

    How's it going now?
  5. ThankfulAmanda

    High functioning ASD

    Hi, my nephew (17) has high functioning ASD, he is clever but doesn't talk much or look at people in the eyes (that's the main thing, I won't go into other details now. I never know how much to keep trying to communicate with him or whether I'm trying too hard! +