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  1. Hi Kevin Thats great news! Long may it continue. Thankyou for keeping us updated - its wonderful to hear good news and the improvements you've seen! Cloudy
  2. Hi Just want to pass my best wishes onto you. As you know it waxes and it wanes - it will get better! JDmom - I so know what you were going through - I too had to go onto the Anxiety medication just to help me get through the day! Happily, I too am off then now and just taking each day as it comes. They are still our perfect children.
  3. Hi Thanks for your response. Yes, DAN is a good way to go - I havn't thought of that. My DS has no other problems except the tics. I just thought it strange that his bloods had tested for strep a couple of months ago - after a cold. And a week after Shingles his tics have come back which made me think of PITANDS. Is it right that PITANDS could be a cause after any infection not just strep? Are there any Mums out there whose children have PITANDS rather than PANDAS? Cloudy
  4. Hi, I posted quite a while ago on the TICS forums. But I am wondering if now my son's tics could be caused by PANDAS or PITANDS. He has never had a really sore throat or any throat swabs to confirm. My DS 9 had quite a few tics starting August last year with eye blinking, throat clearing. Things did improve and we had a good few months from April till about June this year when the eye blinking came back for a couple of weeks. He had just got over a cold - no sore throat. Our doctor ( we are in the UK - no PANDAS specialists here!) did a blood test and his ASO titres were 400 IU/ml and hi
  5. Hi there You don't mention whether you have ever suffered from tics before? Before you start worrying too much I would visit the opticians to get your eyes checked out. Also, the fact you are feeling discomfort in your eyes could indicate allergies. Good luck
  6. Hi There was a news story here in the UK a few weeks ago to say that Zinc could help cure / prevent the common cold. I don't know what dosage you would have to use but it might be worth putting it in a search engine. Good luck Sal
  7. There are also stories of the full moon in the UK papers - supposedly the moon doesn't get as clear as this very often. When I read the article I thought of this website as I had read that it can affect tic severity. I hope not.
  8. Hi Kim I presume the meds worked? What ones did he take? I have to say meds scare me especially as the doctors seems quite reluctant to put kids on them due to side effects. However, if I need to I will also resort to them. We have to do the best for our children. Sal
  9. Thats great news Megan. What a relief! I would love to try the no TV but just can't see it happening. My DS loves TV - he doesn't watch it too much but is an avid soccer fan and likes to watch the matches. Best wishes. Sal
  10. Hi All I have been reading these posts with interest. I tried dairy free with my DS but it didn't make much difference. We are on organic as much as possible, omega 3, Natural calm and do Epsom bath salts. I had though my DS tics ( sniffing, grunting) and eye blinking were calming down slightly as I sometimes saw him eye blink only once or twice a day. However, in the last couple of days we have seen an increase and change in the eye blink so it is now more exagerated and with a slight head nod at the same time. I really don't know what else to try! My DS is 9. Have you seen a peak yet in
  11. Hi I have switched to Rapeseed oil. That is naturally high in Omega 3,6 and 9. It tastes okay.
  12. Hi Stuart I live in the UK - a bit far to travel. I would be interested if you had any clinics you could recommend over here? Thanks
  13. Thanks Chemar and Mythree I have spent the weekend trawling through old posts. It is quite humbling to see what other parents have been through in the past and hopefully are no longer experiencing now. I hope we will all be in a better place in the next couple of years. It is very disheartening to try diets ( in my sons case dairy free for the last 3 weeks) and the tics have got worse! I am now going to try gluten free. I am finding it quite hard at the moment. Sal
  14. Hi I recently took my son for an allergy test (skin prick) and you are right - he was anxious and did tic. But I am glad we did as he showed up for dust mite allergy which he didn't 3 years ago. You just have to reassure your son. It doesn't hurt and doesn't take long. However, as you probably know it doesn't really test for a lot of the food intolerances which might be subtle. Good luck in reaching your decision. x
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