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  1. I know that CIGNA and United Healthcare both cover IVIG for PANDAS specifically (according to my friend who's son just got IVIG paid for by United). We have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and IVIG for PANDAS is considered "investigative treatment." No surprise that my son's IVIG coverage was denied last week when a well-known (to this forum) PANDAS doc tried to have it pre-authorized. This doc usually comes from an immune deficiency angle (which my son has, but not severe) when getting IVIG covered; however, he used PANDAS as the dx. The Dr's office is appealing the case on our behalf. H
  2. Be careful. Many probiotics have strep bacteria in them. We use Culturelle twice daily. Abx with breakfast, probiotic with lunch, antibiotic with dinner, probiotic before bed. Also, we are gluten and dairy free, so using a GFCF probiotic (there are few) is important. Culturelle has a gluten/dairy free probiotic. Vitamin Shoppe has best price.
  3. My son was dx with Asperger's at age 7 1/2 and just a few months ago was dx with PANDAS. Two of the 3 docs that dx him with PANDAS all agree that he most likely does not have Asperger's. His social delays, behavioral issues, etc. are all PANDAS symptoms.
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