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  1. That is great news! We all want to get this type of response! If I may ask...what were the deciding factors/test results/behaviors that prompted you to do the IVIG? I would really like to know more about this treatment. Thanks very much -- Warrior Mom
  2. Thank you for your reply! My son was tested for Lymes but came back negative. Do you still give your son Grapefruit seed extract? I'm not familiar with it and want to know more. How do you determine how much to give and how often? What is it main purpose -- or desired outcome? Does it address hyperactivity, attention, impulsivity? My son is on a strict Specific Carbohydrate Diet that is also Low Oxalate. He does have significant YEAST issues even though the lab reports indicated otherwise. It just seems that every path I take leads me to dead end. Since my original post he h
  3. OK...I'm on a MISSION to heal. My son's urine organic acid test (OAT) revealed some surprises and I'm VERY interested to hear back from other parents if they had any similar results. If so, how did the results impact treatment? Chief challenges: SHORT ATTENTION SPAN, HYPERACTIVITY, FREQUENT URINATION with his autism diagnosis EXCESSIVE a-ketoglutaric acid (AKG) aka: (2-oxoglutaric acid or alpha ketogularic acid) -- 52.0 mmol.mol creatinine -- should be lower than 32.3 HIGH LEVELS of Dihydroxyphenylpropionic Acid (DHPPA) -- HIGH -- 3.3 mmol/mol creatinine -- should be lower t
  4. Colleen, Thanks! I'll check this out! We are treating my son for yeast right now even though his urine and stool came back negative. He had a rash on his butt that would not respond to anything other than an anti-fungal cream but it just wasn't enough. Amazing that after 6 days the rash is fading. We are just battling the yeast die-off symptoms which are horrible.
  5. Same questions here re: my 11yo son. I know he had strep multiple times before we finally had his T&A out. He suffered from many sinus infection too. There was a time when even I ended up with strep because he had it and I had my T&A out when I was a child b/c I had multiple strep and ear infections. He probably had strep for months until we finally figured it out. We had my son's strep titers pulled in May to see if they were high but they were OK. We didn't think he had strep then but wanted to see their numbers. Lots of kids in his class have had strep since the beginning
  6. Colleen, I am so grateful to your reply. YES...I strongly believe my son has PANDAS but when tested his strep titers he was OK. I am baffled by this. My son did not present with the typical strep signs and because of his communication issues he wasn't able to tell us what was going on. I know that he had strep for a long time when we finally figured it out. There has been strep at his school and even one of the aides ended up with scarlet fever. When we get the swab test it comes back negative. It is extremely hard to swab my son so I think we even missed it a few times, if that is p
  7. I'm new to this online community. I'm in search of another warrior mom/dad who is trying to recover their child from regressive autism. I need to connect with a community that can offer advice for any of our son's challenges. We lost our son gradually over a year's time. He had convulsions within 10 minutes of his 4 mo. and 12 mo. immunizations. The day after his 6 mo. immunizations he ended up in the hospital with breathing difficulties and ended up there for a week with pnuemonia. He cried hours on end after his 15 mo. shots and that was the final straw. He was lost after those epi
  8. We've used Guanfacine for three years and it made a huge difference for our son. He is ASD and has an extremely short attention span and hyperactive. We tried every imaginable drug for ADHD and it was all a big disappointment. Then we tried Clonodine which helped but he was on a rollercoaster with that one. It was then we tried Tenex...a great help for him. We had to start on a very low dose 1/4 of a pill because he was falling asleep but he is now at 1 pill in the AM and then 1 pill in the PM. We tried to go higher but he had bad headaches. Without it my 11 yo son would be very difficu
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