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  1. Thanks to everyone for commenting.


    Smartyjones?- Interesting you mentioned loud talking. I never thought of that before as a symptom. My dd has been doing that for at least the past year (another thing I chalked up to toddler behavior) He tested positive for strep about 6 weeks ago, so we're very new to this. The ped was terrible. I suggested the diagnosis having learned about it from my husband's colleague, another doc. The ped gave him abx and said see you in a month. That was it! Treated it like it was a cold. And we had not yet seen a specialist or done any testing....anyways. He's been on abx and we're seeing Dr. B in 2 weeks. He did well on 1 abx, was switched to another and the dose cut in half and he just slid back to where he was initially.


    But just a side note if anyone can relate to this. His trip to a new ped this week made me realize the seriousness of his condition and for the first time I had my own private meltdown. :( With his abx dose cut in half, he slid right back to the beginning if not worse...This was my visit: him climbing on endtables, running into an occupied bathroom, throwing chalk on the lobby floor to break it, running through the doc's entrance and getting lost in the maze of rooms (nurses were looking for him!)doing a headstand on the doc's examing table, riding around on the doc's rolling stool, flipping it half dozen times, grabbing for his computer, grabbing for instruments, grabbing for papers on the table, then the newest one: yelling at me at the top of his lungs to keep my hands to myself when I tried to restrain him. Any discipline was out the window. He wasn't even hearing me. But leaving he politely said "thank you mommmy." what gives?

    The only time I laughed was when the doc asked "do you know why you're here?" He responed "because of polar bears."

    What a little smarty :) He's heard so much about Pandas. I went home and cried. Sorry...had to share that

    .and yes of course, all the eyes of other parents on us!!!

  2. Frannie,


    Just curious, if you don't mind sharing what some of your observations were before age 4? And what is an OCD behavior actually like? My son is 4 1/2 when the tic caught our attention combined with a horrendous report from school (hyperactive, not focusing, meltdowns) He has some behaviors but not sure if they're considered OCD or OCD tendencies, if there is such a thing. (He'll sometimes want to shut off all the lights in the house but ONLY when a movie comes on. Sometimes he'll insist that the door be closed when he's playing in a room. He'll have a FIT if his twin brother sits in his car seat. He'll chew his sleeve, shirt collar but on/off throughout the day.) Figuring out the behavior part is so tough with a toddler! Before age 4, he was hard to get to sleep/soothe, extremely energetic, extremely daring and unafraid of getting hurt. Because he has a twin brother it was VERY hard to recognize as anything but sibling rivalry for my attention.



  3. Is it common during an exacerbation to see both really bad behavior and then good behavior in the same day? My ds4 had a drop in antibotics and the tic increased. During school, he was ticcing all day, hyper, unable to focus, stomach pains, kind of in a fog. Then once home and settled down,he seemed more content and calmer. If it wasn't for the tic, I'd think he was just being oppositional with the teachers. But the tic was terribly bad they said. Does anyone else see this type of behavior change in a short period of time?



  4. I feel terrible looking back, my poor guy kept whining about his feet and I thought he was just being lazy. (although he went from being a super little hiker at age 2 and never complaining to whining that he needed to be carried) It's so tricky because then it would just disappear (i think) and he wouldn't mention it. And he'd run circles in the playground?! without complaining. His tics are worse in front of the tv or when he's trying to concentrate on something. He rubs his hands over his head and shrugs slightly. But now he has slight blinking spells, also mostly in front of the tv or computer.



  5. My DS6 has been complaining of the bottoms of his feet hurting for the past year. He started eye blinking tics in early Oct 10. We believe his first PANDAS episode started in Oct 09. It went untreated until Oct 10. When we started treatment nearly two months ago, the eye blinking was the first of his symptoms to go. He still tics some. Throat clearing mostly. TV and computer cause him to tic more. He's only complained of his feet hurting a few times since he started biaxin in Oct. My son has had all kinds of OCD's and fears but the worst part has been his behavior which nearly did our family in. He is so much better now.



  6. Has anyone had experience with their child complaining their feet hurt? My 4 yr old has been complaining of this on and off for several months. Right after he was diagnosed with PANDAS it seemed to increase.


    He also started blinking as a tic, but on and off. Happens a lot in front of the tv and computer. What is with that?


    Thanks everyone!

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