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  1. Well it has been 2 months since I last posted. My DD went to visit her dad for 2 weeks during Christmas, so I was unable to really control what she ate or how well she took her vitamins there. So since the beginning of January, we do pretty well taking her morning dosage of vitamins and Natural Calm (it is easy for me to grab them for her to take/drink on the way to school), but since our evening schedules are SO busy....we often, usually, miss the evening dosage. Also, I backed off the restrictive diet thing because it was stressing her out so much, and I wanted to see how well the
  2. Well on Friday, the day after my last post, DD came home from school with a 103 degree fever. (The Flu is going around her school, DH's work, and everywhere). Anytime she is sick, she barely eats. Saturday I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods on my own to do some grocery shopping, and I was in awe at all the options we have for substitutions. I spent a ton of money and bought a lot of different things for her to try out. All weekend, I did not see a decrease in tics at all. Of course, she also has been sic with a fever all weekend, and I think I read from various people on here tha
  3. Thank you for posting this topic, and for the replies. I am definitely going to check out all these soda alternatives! My DD10 also loves sodas so now I am really trying to figure out alternatives.
  4. So I have read a lot on here about getting rid of all the artificial sweeteners and dyes and things...so do you all have any recommendations for natural sweeteners that are okay? Is pure honey okay to give my DD? What about if I want to make Limeade? Other than regular sugar, is there anything I can sweeten it with that would be okay? I have seen agave nectar a lot in stores, but I haven't researched it yet. Does anyone know if this might be a good option? My DD is a drink-aholic! Her entire life she has always just chugged liquids throughout the day, and so I would like to hav
  5. Megan, I have learned so much from reading this thread and the posts of others. I am so glad that you have found some things that are working for your ds. May I ask where you all buy your Progressive chewables? I looked up the website and do not see where you can buy it online, and see that it is made and distributed in Cananda. I am in the U.S.
  6. Okay, well we have been doing pretty well at remembering to take the Natural Calm everyday, and she has had the Epsom Salt baths several times a week, and I have not seen any real improvement yet. She had a Ballet performance last night, and another one again tonight...and thankfully, when she is on stage and "performing", I have not noticed the tics. But aside from that, they are there. I am going to go ahead and order Bonnie G's supplements and start those. Also, this weekend we are going shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods so she can pick out some snacks and foods to try. I hav
  7. Hi all, What probiotic brands do you all recommend, and where to get them? My daughter is 10 yrs old and about 85 lbs. (She is one of the tallest in her class!) I saw on one thread where someone recommended the Kids Probiotic from CVS. (I am blanking on the brand-name now), so I was thinking about that one, but if anyone has better recommendations, please let me know, and why. Also, how do you give it to your child? I have heard yogurt, but if I am at any point going to attempt to go dairy-free, then that wouldn't be an option right? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, I have been thinking about trying a probiotic, and have just been slacking about getting one. I read somewhere on here that someone recommended a kids probiotic that they sell at CVS, so I have been meaning to get over there to buy it, but since CVS is the farthest pharmacy from me (compared to others), I just haven't done it yet. She loves yogurt, but if I am going to try and cut out dairy at all, she'd have to give that up too. So I didn't notice any different yesterday after her Epsom Salt bath. She actually had two of them, one in the afternoon and another one wh
  9. Lynn, thank you so much for the tips ! I definitely plan on trying them for at least a month before any extreme dieting, but going ahead and beginning the elimination of the artificial stuff and sweeteners is a good idea. I talked to her a bit about it today, and she of course is not excited at all. I love the smoothie idea!!! I wouldn't have time to make them for her in the morning, but I definitely could every p.m. So do you just break open the capsules and mix them in the smoothie? I'm going to take her to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods this weekend and have her shop with me to see i
  10. I just want to add that I want to hold off on seeing a doctor about all this yet, until I have first tried the Magnesium, supplements, and diet changes first. From everything I've read, she isn't extreme enough to necessarily benefit from any medications they might prescribe, and I don't want her to take any unnecessary medications. In addition, I don't even know yet where to begin as far as which kind of doctor to go to. I have heard neurologists, pyschiatrists, pediatricians, etc. I think if I had to, I would start by consulting our pediatrician first, and seeing what he recommends. I con
  11. Hi everyone, I just officially joined this forum yesterday, although I have been lurking for a couple of weeks now when I have time, reading other posts and gathering information. First of all, I want to begin by THANKING each and every person who has posted on this forum! Just reading through different topics and posts has been so helpful, and I'll admit, I am overwhelmed right now by the abundance of information, recommendations, treatments, what works for different people, etc. I am eager to try anything and everything to help my daughter, but I realize I need to take things slow, on
  12. Hi there. This is actually my very first post on here! I have been lurking on the site for a week or two when I have time, reading through various topics and posts, gathering information, and the last couple of days have been reading through your blog. My heart goes out to you and kudos to your determination and perseverance in creating this new diet for your son. I will definitely continue to follow your journey, as I may have to begin a detox diet for my daughter at some point. I have recently (within the past two weeks) self-diagnosed my DD10 with tics/mild TS. I am about to post h
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