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  1. We had our son at Rogers in 2009; it was the worst decision I've ever made to send him there. Their OCD treatment program is well regarded, but when he got home, we found that it was the graduate students writing the daily reports, often repeating verbatim what other patients' heirarchies were on my son's chart. When he would tell me about things that happened; he had to use the ward phone because his cell phone had very poor reception, I usually ended up having to ask to speak to someone there. The last straw was when I'd spent $45 to overnight ship a "goodie box from home" (filled with paper to make airplanes with, puzzles, cards, etc) and it was to have been there on Tuesday. By Friday, when he still hadn't gotten it, I called and found out that one of the grad students made the decision that because a few of the kids had misbehaved, ALL of them were not going to get their mail for the week. I was furious, told the doctor and was met with "well, if they made that decision on the ward, I can't really speak to that." Three months after the discharge from Rogers my son was hospitalized again for a month; where they finally diagnosed PDD-NOS. His OCD symptoms declined after 3 days in the second hospitalization; just as they did at Rogers (we were all astounded, including the doctors, that he was at 75% of achieving his heirarchies after only 10 days at Rogers. That alone should have been a red flag to the staff at Rogers, and while we asked about how that was possible, it was waived without discussion and they kept him for 12 weeks.) Upon his return home, his regular therapist started seeing regression and when Rogers asked the therapist how my son was doing, the therapist wrote honestly that their treatment had no benefit and they ignored it. Our pediatrician asked for a discharge report (not the handwritten one from the grad students) and never received it. The second hospital asked for their paperwork and also did not get it. I know other families have had good luck with Rogers; we unfortunately were not one of them. About a year after his discharge, they contacted us via a fundraising letter and I called them and told them about our experience. The woman on the other end of the phone was in tears when I told her some of the things that happened and encouraged me to put it in writing and send it to their hospital management. I did. Never got a response.
  2. I had a child at Rogers in 2010; while every child is different and your mileage may vary, I found the program to be of no help to my teenager. After 2 weeks there, 75% of the heirarchies (exposure/response exercises) were met, but they didn't pick up on the fact that he had other, underlying issues; they mentioned how stunned they were that he moved through them that quickly. It took a second hospitalization just THREE MONTHS after his discharge for an additional diagnosis of PDD-NOS. The second hospitalization took under a week to determine that there were other issues in play, not just OCD and anxiety. Please feel free to message me for details.
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