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  1. I wanted to see if anyone has gone for treatment at Rothman/USF recently. I've heard good things about Rogers in Tampa for IOP, but I'm not sure where to stay there for that long, or if we could afford it. If anyone has had recent experience with Rothman could you let me know your experience good or bad? Or any other IOP. We're looking for an IOP for summer.

    Thanks so much.

  2. I'm searching for a Integrative Psychiatrist that may be able to interpret a recent Organic Acids Test. I'm doing a lot of research on my own, but I'm still not clear on why my son would have high HVA and high VMA, and high HVA/VMA ratio. He also has high Orotic (ammonia excess), very high yeast markers.


    Does anyone know someone that may work with us via skype or telephone?


    Thanks a lot.

  3. I haven't reserved a spot yet. I'm taking a few days to talk to family and my husband. But I think I'm going to have to take a leap of faith also. I wonder if meeting other kids in the same situation will help him and motivate him.


    Thank you for your response. Good luck this summer at Rothman!

  4. I'm considering taking my son to USF this summer. Dr. Storch told me that they have the most success with kids who have at least some motivation. I don't think my son has that, unfortunately. Is there anyone who has been there in this situation? I'm afraid it's going to be such a struggle everyday to get him to go and to do his homework. Can the volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House help? I'm not sure I can do this going there with just my son and I'm not sure my husband can go with us.

  5. Does anyone know of a lyme doc in the northern va area? My son has pretty severe OCD and I just became aware he has streaks or stretch marks, pinkish or purple on the back of his legs. The ped will not test him. Not sure what to do! I really need someone who will take our insurance. I tried my lyme doc and she is no longer taking patients.


    Thank you for any help.

  6. My son has had OCD behaviors that became so bad that we had to take him out of school last year. Since then he has had ERP therapy and has been put on Zoloft. He made it back in school this year and has been doing very well. Within the past month he became sick and has not made it into school very often. He finally had some tests for PANDAS. The Anti-DNase B Strep came up high, 216. I made an appt with Dr. Latimer, but can't get in until June. He's on Omnicef for 2 weeks. It's been one week and no improvement in the OCD and now he's constipated everyday. I'm afraid he's failing school now. Not sure what to do. If we take care of the strep should his OCD improve? The OCD is keeping him from being in school. The psychiatrist upped his dose of Zoloft. Not sure what to do next.


    Thanks for any advise.

  7. I'm currently looking into in-patient treatment options for my 13 year old son. He has been in ERP therapy and refused to go any further. He has pretty severe OCD. We are waiting for the results of tests for PANDAS. Has anyone had success with University of South Florida or Rogers, or anywhere else? Just looking at our options for the summer. This is really limiting his life and we need to do what we can now. Thank you for any help.

  8. I've read over the helpful threads and I'm very thankful that Dr. Latimer is not too far. But I was wondering if anyone has seen anyone, maybe a pediatrician that we may be able to get into see sooner in our area. We really need to rule out pandas. Thanks so much for all the help on this forum.

  9. Thanks so much for the reply. We went to the gasto yesterday and she said he's very constipated and his colon is stretched out. He has to take miralax for about a year probably. I haven't heard of a DAN doctor before. I'd like to find someone like that to work with him. Luckily I found a therapist that will take our insurance. I hope she can help him and we can get back to normal.

  10. I was just googling looking for supplements that would help my son with his OCD symptoms and found tryptophan. For me, I used to take 5HTP for insomnia and it made me very sick to my stomach. Just wondering if anyone else had tried this before I give it to him.


    Thanks for the help.

  11. I have been researching and trying to find the right treatment for my son who is having ocd behaviors. He also is having IBS-C type of problems and we have an appt to see a ped. gastro. next week. I've been giving him Inositol 650, Vit. Shoppe, and p5p. I can't tell that it's helping with the ocd type behavior and it seems to give him some stomach pain. Mainly his issues have to do with bodily fluids, urine, etc. He changes his underwear a lot (they are not wet), takes showers in the morning (he thinks he wet the bed) It is not wet. It's very hard to get him to leave the house because he's afraid he will have to use the bathroom or he will wet himself. We're doing homeschool now. But it seems the more he stays home the worse he gets. He holds his saliva whenever he has to go to the doctor or anywhere. I've been trying to find a therapist that practices CBT and ERP, but none take our insurance. His pediatrician referred us to a family therapist. Not sure if he will be able to help my son. Thank you so much for any information. This website has been so helpful.

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