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    Christianmom got a reaction from godisgood in Dr. Marc Schwartz -- Jenkintown, PA   
    Just wanted to post that My son had his first appointment with Dr. Schwartz last Wednesday. I can not say enough positive about this doctor--phenomenal man. He is the first doctor we have seen that fully understood ALL my son's labwork--KPU, viral panel, Metametrix stool profile, hook worm and other parasites, Shoemaker mold panel, c4a, strep, Igenex, etc.
    He has been training under Dr. Klinghardt for 10 years and follows all his protocols. He as well will prescribe meds if needed. Again, he will follow Klinghardt's protocols for the meds.
    I can't describe the ART testing because it is so unique, but I will say my husband and I felt Dr. Schwartz was right on the money with everything he found. I have not slept so well since my son has been sick as I have since seeing this doctor. He truly gets it all--PANDAS, lyme, autism, KPU, severe OCD, etc.
    Dr. Schwartz is also a VERY, VERY kind person. (If you've ever met Dr. T, Dr. Schwartz is warm like Dr. T. He made my son feel very comfortable which meant a lot to me. After five minutes with him, I felt as if I had known him for a long time. He doesn't speak like a doctor, but like an equal. He wanted me to completely understand all he was doing and to be involved as much as possible. He answered all our questions in terms I could understand. His knowledge and experience alone made it worth the trip to see him.
    Dr. Schwartz as well has a wonderful assistant that is right by his side during the ART testing. She is extremely intelligent as well and very, very helpful. We spent 1 1/2 hours with her and Dr. Schwartz and then another hour with her afterwards as she further explained everything to me and told me what I was to do. So we were there a total of 2 1/2 hours! What doctor spends that kind of time with you? (Though I will say my son's case is complicated and did require more time than most might.)
    His assistant is also very organized which was a big help to me. She has called me twice to answer questions since the visit. She as well has two PANDAS/lyme/autistic children, so she understands stands all I have gone through (though my son is not autistic). She fully understands OCD.
    I will post again later as we have not started everything the doctor has ordered yet (waiting to get some things in the mail). But even with what we have started, my son seems to be showing some improvement. Hoping to have lots of good things to post soon.
    The only thing negative I can say is that his supplements are expensive. Not over-priced, but expensive, as they are of a high quality. Some are specifically formulated by Dr. Klinghardt. Dr. Schwartz's meds as well are not necessarily typical. For instance, one of the meds for parasites is from a compounding pharmacy near Dr. Klinghardt. So you may have to check that your drug plan will cover it. We did not question anything he suggested because my son is 16 and has been sick a long time. We didn't want to delay anything that might help in his recovery. But I think Dr. Schwartz would be very understanding of the financial side and would suggested the most important things first, if money is an issue. Dr. Schwartz's fees are very reasonable.
    Ladyjane -- Just wanted to mention that you might want to call and tell them you'd like to take a cancellation. My son got in sooner that way. Mention how sick your child is so they give a cancellation to you before another less-sick person.
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    Christianmom got a reaction from frikfrak in Anyone's child taking augmentin xr 4000 mg.?   
    Yes, and possibly his homeopathic remedy will be more effective after KPU treatment as well. We are also looking into mold and heavy metals. I would be happy for ANY improvement as my son has been sick a long time. But he is in great spirits and is handling it all very well, though there is very little he can do. Almost nothing he can do alone.
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    Christianmom got a reaction from Kathy4Him in Dr. Elia   
    Hi Kathy N,
    Don't want to steal this thread, but basically after our experience with Dr. Elia in Nov. of 2011, I continued to work with Dr. T running lots and lots of bloodwork. Eventually things started strongly pointing towards lyme. Dr. T had already tried many antibiotic combos on my son without success (which is why we were pursuing plasmapheresis) and suggested I find an LLMD (though he encouraged me that he would always be there if we still needed him).
    We chose to pursue Dr. Klinghardt's natural treatment of lyme through Dr. Schwartz in Jenkintown, PA because my son had already been on antibiotics for 15 months and I was concerned about this. My son began seeing Dr. Schwartz in January of 2012 and improved slowly to about 80% by December of 2012 and seemed like he would soon be at 100%. For the most part, he was antibiotic-free during that time, though he was on many, many supplements. In January of 2013, he began to quickly and drastically regress. We were frightened to continue down the natural path and were able to get in with Dr. Horowitz's assistant, Dr. Yunker, so we pursued that path. We began with her in the beginning of March of this year. (We saw Dr. Horowitz himself as well for about 45 min. He was very kind. I asked him what went wrong. He felt that my son's lyme had simply broken through the natural antibiotics). Dr. Yunker treated my son for parasites (for the second time, Dr. Schwartz had done this already) and my son soon came out of the "worst of worst." She is now trying different antibiotic combinations. Currently he is on amoxicillin 4,000 mg. (will up to 6,000) with Probenecid. In a couple of days we will add azithromycin/tindamax (4 days azith/3 days tindamax). He is also on several supplements for inflammation, KPU, and methylation.
    Since we've been going to Dr. Howowitz, my son's had great days when you'd never know anything was wrong (like yesterday), good days, and bad days. But no terrible days like we had in January.
    I cleared space in my inbox if you want to pm again. Sorry, I didn't know it was full!
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