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  1. Here is a good one!




    1/2 Cup Coconut Milk

    1 TBS Canola Oil

    1 Cup Sugar

    2 TBS Corn Starch

    2 TBS All-Purpose Unbleached Flour

    1 tsp Vanilla

    Pinch of Salt

    1/3 Cup Maple Syrup

    1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder

    1/2 Cup Water

    4 1/2 Cups Soy or Almond Milk



    Place coconut milk, canola oil, sugar, corn starch, flour, vanilla, salt, maple syrup, cocoa powder, water in blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into sauce pan. Boil until mixture has thickened (about 2 minutes) stirring constantly. Let cool until just warm to the touch. Pour soy milk into ice cream maker. Then pour chocolate mixture into soy milk and stir well. Follow directions that came with your ice cream maker to finish.

  2. I agree, I would go at this slowly.

    changing utensil is extrem imo.

    Are you able to see a natropath in your area? or anyone who can do an intolerance test? It might be soemthing you want to consdier before yo go full force with it.

    But if that isn't any option I think going gluten free slowly is your best bet. we have noticed huge improvments in just cutting out sugar and it isn't as hard as you might think.

  3. we have never given our kids any flu shots and we did selective vaccinations. DTP, MMR and chicken pox are the only ones they got. But with that said we never gave our son his 5 year boosters for anything. I was a little worried about his behaviour at about age 4 so we avoided any boosters. He started his major tics at age 6.

    We wont be giving our daughter any boosters either.

  4. From what I have read all children tic more at home because they are comfortable with it. My son was the same way. As soon as children at school started saying something he started ticing at home nonstop.

    We have a Golden Retriever and 2 cats. Have you tried any natural remodies like magnesium, fish oils or probiotics?

    As soon as I introduced magnesium my son's vocal tics and head movements went away. will they ever come back? maybe, but for now I know it has nothing to do with the pets.

    Have you had your son tested for pet allergies?

    I would seriously consider the allergy testing before you did anything drastic about your pup. That would help to make the right decision.

  5. Hi


    What brand are you giving?

    I contacted the makers of Peter Gillham's Natrual Vitality and this is what they told me


    In the book The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. she says the following for an RDA of magnesium:


    Children 1 to 3 years: 80mg

    Children 4 to 8 years: 130mg

    Children 9 to 13 years: 240mg


    If you were to use this rule of thumb then a ¾ teaspoon would be the dosage for a six year-old. If a person ingests more magnesium than they can absorb at once then it is eliminated through the bowels and can be in the form of diarrhea. With this in mind, you may want to start with 1/4 teaspoon for your boy, while monitoring the stools that they are not too loose. If all is well then increase to 1/2 teaspoon the next day. Continue in the same manner until you have reached the dose ¾ teaspoon or less.


    I would assume a 15 year old might be in the adult dossage?

    Your best bet is to contact the company of the brand you are using so you don't over dose.

  6. That's wonderful news. How much magnesium are you giving him? I give my ds around 400 mg and I've yet to see a positive change, or any change for that matter, from using magnesium. I give it to him because I believe many of us are mag. deficient but I'm not sure it's ever helped the tics or attention issues.


    I only give him 85mg of the Peter Gillham's magnesium, it is a powder form you dilute in water.

    I tried giving him more but it made his stools very soft. So I cut it back to 1/4 tsp 2x a day and it seems to be the right amount.

    If his tics come back I will probably up the amount to 3/4tsp.

    We also give him HMF Forte probiotic, if that is doing anything I am not sure, but I wont stop just incase.

  7. We had our son's first Teachers meeting of the year and they told us they have seen a big diffrence in Dorian for about 3 weeks now.

    That is exactly when we started giving him the magnesium supplement!!!

    We never told his Teacher's anything about the supplements, I am so happy about this because we have seen huge changes at home as well.


    I just wanted to pass this on incase anyone was thinking of trying magnesium.

  8. We are in the begining stages of trying to find out answers as to what is going on with out son. But while we have been waiting to see the neurologist we decided to put dorian on a magnesium supplement(the Natural calm powder) and HMF probiotics.

    I have to say we have seen a big change. He use to tic non stop while he was awake and now it is very mild. His loud uncontrolled sniffing has stopped altogether.

    My husband wasn't convinced that the magnesium was working so I stopped giving it to him for a few days and he was out of control most of today. My husband is now convinced!

    The magnesium wont hurt him if given in proper doses. You should give it a try. Also probiotics are very improtant especialy durring and after antibitoics.


    Hello Everyone,


    I joined the forum about a month ago and posted a few messages regarding my 7 year old's tics. Last month, I was very desperate and felt helpless. I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote back and responded to my posts. I had to take a break from the "internet" because I was driving myself crazy with worry. I just wanted to give an update on my son's progress and get advice from the wise members of this group.


    We saw the neurologist on Tuesday and he was officially diagnosed with tourettes. It's been such a sad few months. He continues to do neck turns, throat clearing, blinking, and some grimacing. It's not as bad as it was last month. Last month, he was doing non-stop tics (no breaks, no rests). It was very sad and scary to watch.


    So far, we continue to do homeopathy but have decreased some remedies. If you can believe it, he also got pneumonia last month and was put on antibiotics. I wonder if the antibiotics will or have made things worse. We are on our second month of a gluten and wheat free diet. Not seeing any changes, though. We're considering a cognitive behavioral therapist but the neurologist says it might not work if my son isn't motivated enough. I would love some advice on any other remedies out there. I've seen posts talking about Bonnie's supps (supplements?), Kid's Calm, and NAET. Can someone explain those remedies to me? I'm very new to this.


    Every day is scary to me. I am worried the minute I wake up wondering what I'll see or hear next. I am worried when I pick him up after school because he's often worse at the end of a school day. I'm trying so hard not to let him see my concern but it's wearing on me. Please help.


    Thank you!


    P.S. Chemar, thank you for you email response. So sorry I haven't replied. I've been quite overwhelmed.

  9. If I remember rightly, anorexia and bulimia are currently classified as separate conditions from OCD but related to it. People who have or had OCD are much more likely to get them. I'm not sure whether body dysmorphic disorder (an obsessive fear that something is wrong with your body, e.g. that you're fat when you aren't) is considered a type of OCD at the moment, but if not, it's closely related.

    Of course, as Chemar hinted, OCD may in itself prevent someone from eating properly. For instance, they might have no problem with eating as such, but still eat as little as possible because they're afraid of getting food poisoning.

    Either way, she'd do well to try Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. As well as being the favourite treatment for OCD, it's also been found quite effective for anorexia and other EDs. This is a fairly complicated case of course, so as Chemar says, she should find someone who's had some experience with both OCD and EDs.

    Wish you luck!



    I just wanted to mention the other side of the spectrum. Our son has OCD about constantly eating. he is 6 years old, oddly enough very skinny, but would eat himself ill if we let him. He even questions his behaviour to us and we have to almost physicaly remove him from the main floor of the house so he stays away from where there is food.

    we always thought that he was just a big eater but we have come to realise that this is another one of his OCD symptoms.

  10. Hi,


    So my 9 yr old son got back lab work and has a casein intolerance and takes digestive enzymes. He also has very low amino acid levels and his dctr is giving suppliments for that but suggested he take a liquid protein suppliment (that has no casein) . He is not metabolizing protein and it is causing major problems with his amino acid levels. I have tried giving him whey (dairy free/casein free) protein shakes, they are just to much drink for hiim. He needs a shot of it or a liquid dropper of it. The closest thing i've found is by a company called Protica that has a product called Profect. It's like a little tube of protein and the company says that it's hypoallergenic and contains no dairy. They come in 25 grms and 50grms.


    Has anyone had any experience with this product OR does anyone know of a liquid form that is casien free that is in a small dose but gives a lot of protein?




    Sorry, I didn't even know you could get it in a liquid form.

    We give our children some ground almonds in their smoothies.

  11. I started my 7 1/2 year old son on an elimination diet (mostly dairy and gluten and sweets). I would love to hear from those of you who have tried it on their child with ADHD, Anxiety and/or TICS and how it worked in terms of changing challenging behaviors??? When did you start to see a change? Andrea


    The diet we do is a whole foods diet. Nothing premade or store bought food, everything is made from scratch. I buy flour(organic whole wheat, no preservatives only) and make our own breads and buns.

    we rarely eat canned foods and usualy only eat fresh fruit and veggies. We eat free ranged, antibiotic and hormone free meats, no dairy and no soy.

    But with all that said, I think the biggest change has been taking out sugar.

    He gets a magnesium supplement, HMF probiotic and cutting out the sugar has reduced his tics by about 60% in a very short period of time. I was only giving him one probiotic tablet per day(I just open the cap and put the powder in his drink) but I am going to up it to 2 a day to see how he feels. The mag supplement helps him sleep better so I give that to him (1/2 tsp) just before bed. He even askes for it, I think it helps to make him feel more relaxed.

  12. well I am happy to tell you what I have found out yesterday!

    After going monday to the kaiser dr and them telling me that my son will be ok at his levels of 506 on his antibodies. And that his ocd is just a obsessive behavior and quite normal. Tuesday I went to a Dr Allen in La who I saw 3 weeks ago with my concern about the antibodies so high. Dr Allen suggested that we run a urine test which we did 2 weeks ago and Tuesday I went for the results.

    I was completely floored that the Dr said that his yeast levels are so high that they were off the charts. Explaining to me that 95 % of kids with adhd and ocd as well as autism have bad yeast in their gut.... that they spew off toxic waste in the body that causes nero issues. ( the ocd and adhd) He said that this is the reason that all these kids have cravings for foods that feed this yeast ( sugar, flour, simple carbs) Most kids get this yeast from exposure from antibiotics and steroids. ( my son was on a steroid breathing treatment for a long time at 9 months on) as well as antibiotics for strep a few times.


    I have a great feeling about the treatment we are doing for him. I know that his levels will come down when the yeast dies.

    We are on a strict diet and it will be very hard... as well as taking something to kill the yeast and a strong pro-biotic .

    I wish more moms knew this. It was a huge eye opener!!!!


    What probiotic are you given?

    Did the Dr, name the condition? There is a condition called Candida Albicans, I wonder if it is related.

  13. I can't say I see anything in the cereal to really make a drastic diffrence, but if it is working for you I say keep it up.


    I personaly have seen a big diffrence in just givng our son a magnesium supplement and cutting out sugar by 100%. for us as the same as you, sugar has major effects on our son and his moods.







    I also posted this information in the tourette/tic forum. I have decided to pass this along onto this forum, because I strongly suspect that my son had pandas along with tics. His strep titers were high, and he was jutting out his jaw, rolling his eyes, looking up, turning his head a lot, shrugging his shoulder a lot, more emotional than usual, his printing wasn't as neat, he went to the bathroom a lot, he became fearful of things, and needed us around all the time suddenly, his teacher actually called us last year to ask us "what happened to Sebastian...he used to be such a great little boy...now all he does is talk in class, interrupt lessons, turn to talk to the person behind him, and his writing skills have gone down." She said that "this is not the same boy who was in my class all year." After a few courses of azithromycin, things subsided. I stopped chocolate, dairy, wheat, and sugar. Sugar seemed to be a big one. He got more sleep too. I also discovered a cereal that seems to really help. Here is the story that I posted on the other site:


    I just wanted to pass along something that I have found helpful. My child is in grade 2 and had a lot of tics, and reacted severely after having an illness. I now jump and get antibiotics as soon as he has a fever. Plus...I give him Nestle Rice Cereal...the kind that you give the really small babies...the stage one formula that says add water. I found that the original formula really worked well, probably because it is gluten free, with minimal milk, and it has a lot of vitamins. The best formula is the original one, that has the picture of the bear on it, not the one with the baby on it, which is the new formula. The original packaging has a blue teddy bear on it, and the new formula has the word Gerber on it, and the picture of the Gerber baby. They changed the vitamins percentages, and took out B6 out of their formula. He says "I want the baby cereal" and I have instructed him to tell the kids at school that he has "rice cereal" for breakfast. They don't need to know that it is baby cereal.


    Does anyone think that the mix of vitamins in the infant baby cereal by Nestle (add water) original formula...could be beneficial?


    It is probably a mix of the following:

    1) epsom salt baths

    2) Nestle Baby Cereal - Rice - Add Water... every day

    3) going to bed early and being rested

    4) not doing a lot of activities, and not stressing about school

    5) Praying and asking others to pray

    6) laying down with my child to comfort him before bedtime and teling him nice stories, because falling asleep alone at night is still a stressful time for him, and hanging out with him, and being aware of what sets him off a little (sleep, hunger, stress, dust)


    I find that whenever we have early hockey practice at 6 am it seems to be a stressor for him, and he easily gets sick. So, instead, we just rest for the rest of the day.


    I don't know why he gets one day fevers, but I quickly jump on them by getting a prescription for azithromycin to prevent any of the crazy things that I have seen in the past.


    God Bless all of our children, and please keep them safe and healthy. Please help us find the right things to help our children, away from harm. Guardian angels, please watch over our children, and keep them safe. Let us parents suffer, and not our children. Eliminate all tics and pandas from this world. I pray for all children and their parents who worry about them.


    Here is the combination of vitamins. Please feel free to give me your feedback regarding the vitamin breakdown, and let me know if you think that it makes a difference.


    vitamin a 0%

    vitamin c0%

    calcium 15%

    iron 100%

    vitamin e 10%

    thiamine 100%

    riboflavin 100%

    niacin 80%

    vitamin b6 6%

    biotin 15%

    vitamin b 12 100%

    pantothenate 25%

    iodide 20%

    magnesium 25%

    zinc 10%

    It also says that it has prebiotics. Maybe this is also helpful.


    Any feedback is appreciated.

  14. I don't know if this will help you, but I suffer from TMJ and mine flairs up with stress(grinding my teeth at night)

    for relief from the pain(it is extremly painfull) I see a physio tharpist and I get acupuncture and ultrasound treatments done. I can not say enough at how these treatments take the TMJ away so that I have no more pain.

    I am not sure if a child would agree to acupuncture, but ultrasound treatment works amazing on its own as well.

  15. thank you both for the replies.


    I think we are going to do a food intolerance test. when our daughter was 2 we had a MVL allergy test done which uses both IgE and IgG4, is this the correct testing for intolerances?


    Hello! We did the IgG blood test. My son came back with alot of food intolerance, but mostly dairy/gluten. I had a "gut" feeling the dairy was going to be off the charts.


    Our neurologist said if you want to know for sure if food is truly a culprit that the elimination diet is the best way to go. However, we have just completely eliminated everything that came back moderate & high on his IgG profile. We still give him the stuff that came back "low" but even avoid some of that too.


    Personally, I think the supplements are as important as the diet & no matter how much elimination you do, tics will sometimes still find their way back through other types of triggers. We just learned this with a mouth injury & trip to the dentist. It's all a learning process. :huh:


    Best wishes!



  16. has anyone done any allergy testing?


    My husband is not on board with the thought that our son may have PANDAS. we both don't understand it well enough but from his thinking PANDAS is a sudden onset of symptoms?

    Our son has had gradual symptons from the time he was about 4 years old, almost right after he had his tonsils and adnoids removed.

    long story short, instead of arguing with my hsuband about our son I have agreed to let the PANDAS issue go for now and focus on it being TS, with a possible strep titer test done at some point.


    I was wondering if it was a good idea to get allergy testing done(skin pricks) to see if he has any food sensativites, or is this something that isn't usualy related to TS?



  17. Thank you

    I will have a look at the vitamine supplement.

    I don't know if corn is an issue or not, I sure hope it isn't if we decide tot ake wheat out of his diet.






    Yes, did post on the PANDAs forum, we don't have any conceret diagnosis and I want to make sure we investigate everything. We are still waiting to see a specialist about his tics.

    We have no family history of TS.


    I am giving him the Peter Gillham's Kids Calm. I have just been told that the kids calm has been discontinued and I must have just found it because the sore still had some on the shelf. I give him 1/2 tsp right now mixed in some juice but I will try to increase it to 1tsp to see if I notice any change.


    Megan what brand of multi do you use?

    He eats a very good diet right now but we have considered taking out gluten to see if we notice any change. We are not big dairy eaters as it is and only have about 1 serving per day at the most. But that might also be something to consider.


    we are seeing his GP tomorrow in hopes to get some testing doen to rule out PANDAS, I am just hoping his GP wont give us a hard time and we don't have to get the tests done some place else.


    Hi again, we use Progressive Multivitamins for Kids, it is a multi vitamin/mineral. If you suspect corn as an issue I think Cheri found it did have corn derivatives but our ds is doing amazing with it. I also try to avoid too much juice and if necessary only 100% fruit juices and water them down. Our ds takes his Natural Calm with water and a small bit of pure Maple Syrup, seeing as we are yet unsure of some fruits as possible triggers. For us wheat and dairy are main triggers, an elimination at some point would probably be beneficial even if only to rule them out...



  18. HI


    Yes, did post on the PANDAs forum, we don't have any conceret diagnosis and I want to make sure we investigate everything. We are still waiting to see a specialist about his tics.

    We have no family history of TS.


    I am giving him the Peter Gillham's Kids Calm. I have just been told that the kids calm has been discontinued and I must have just found it because the sore still had some on the shelf. I give him 1/2 tsp right now mixed in some juice but I will try to increase it to 1tsp to see if I notice any change.


    Megan what brand of multi do you use?

    He eats a very good diet right now but we have considered taking out gluten to see if we notice any change. We are not big dairy eaters as it is and only have about 1 serving per day at the most. But that might also be something to consider.


    we are seeing his GP tomorrow in hopes to get some testing doen to rule out PANDAS, I am just hoping his GP wont give us a hard time and we don't have to get the tests done some place else.

  19. thank you for all the information.

    I don't even know where to start.

    We took him to a P'doc in September because we noticed the ehad twitching along with the vocal tics. The vocal tics have been around for a long time now but when he started with the motor tics we became very concenred.

    The P'Doc said ti was TS and told us to contact a child neurolagist through the children's Hostpial. we are at the point of waiting to see one.

    We have an appointment to see his GP on Wednesday, but I am not sure what I should even be asking for from him. Should we tell him we want to rule out PANDAS and we didn't want to wait till we saw the neurolagist?


    we are trying a magnesium supplement(Kids calm) and he has had it for 3 days with no changes. The stuff tastes horrible so I will give it a month and if we see not changes I will stop giving it to him. I also got some HMF probiotics just because.

    He has mentioned head pain in the past, but nothing cornic and we never put two and two together. I honestly would NEVER have thought tics were caused by a virus or infection, or lyme disease. I am glad this forum is here. we try so hard not to treat our son diffrently because of his tics but they are getting worse as time goes on.

  20. That must be a new product of theirs. It is not the "Kids Calm" that is referred to in posts here, which is the magnesium one, now discontinued. Pity they called their multi by the same name as that is very confusing for people


    I agree you should stay away from those preservatives and am kinda surprised that they would even consider adding those, especially to a children's multi


    Some members here have recently reported on some good multi's if you want to do a search on it


    if it is the magnesium formula you are looking for, the plain Natural Calm is fine for kids


    Thank you for your reply.

    It is a shame that they added those two preservatives.

    I managed to find some of their old Kid Calm in the powder form and that is what we are using. If it works I will just go and buy the regular formula.

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