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  1. My child reported having thoughts of hurting me...........which he found very painful because we are exceptionally close.
  2. When my kid got mycoplasma my doc gave him an HCL push. One of the VERY BEST, most STRIKING, results we ever got! He felt better by the time we had left the office. Here is the recipe: 5 CC of HCL 4 CC selenium 1 CC Magnesium Chloride 10-15 cc normal saline
  3. Other supplements we have used in the past which helped with recurring negative thoughts were Cats Claw, OLE and Lysine. Not sure how to answer your antibiotic question - sorry!
  4. When my son was 14 I found him crying on the staircase saying, "Mom - I have these recurring thoughts that God is not in control." It was so discouraging because we had spent years working with 2 functional medical docs for ADHD/Aspergers type symptoms and my son was considered "recovered." My kid responded well to antibiotics, but I did not consider this a good long term solution and it kind of felt like dancing with the devil. So, believing my that doc was running out of tricks in his bag, I went to the land of homeopathy. We spent over a year in that territory and continued to make progress, however we weren't over the endzone and I was concerned because my son was scheduled to go off to college. Then a microbiologist at our local university introduced me to Amare Global - a new mental wellness company which focuses on gut health and optimizing the gut-brain connection. Within 3 months my son's symptoms were resolved. I couldn't believe it. He said, "Mom - you did spectacular." I'm not sure every kid on Amare will get the same results we did, but I am very thankful these products came into our life. If you want more info you can email me privately at debbiez@hawaii.rr.com
  5. Hi All, I'm a newbie here as my physician only recently suspected PANDAS for my son. We've worked so hard over the years to get his gut healthy, but after one week of oral antibiotics I can see he is a positive responder. His negative thoughts are under much better control. Still, I worry about his gut health if we stay the course with antibiotics over a longer term. Has anyone tried IV antibiotics and high doses of probiotics as an alternative? Thanks!
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