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  1. I just want to thank you for this post. I think I have been going through every emotion possible including feeling sorry for myself; which only made me feel guilty because she suffers more than I do. I hate what IT stole from me and my family. I hate the tears that IT makes my daughter have. I hate the frustration that IT brings on. I hate IT!
  2. Impressive! Thank you so much! I'm off to research more.
  3. Advil: once a day? Is it ok to give along with zolof and keflex? Or should I wait till she is done with the Keflex? If not, I will give it a try starting tomarro!
  4. Does Advil only work Pandas kids or OCD as well? Just so I know exactly what I'm looking for.
  5. Wow! You all sure are helpfull! I'm about 15 min from Pittsburgh. The family therapist at the OCD clinic gave me the names of two doctors who are working with Pandas at Childrens Hospital. Dr. Martin and Dr. Roberto Ortiz. She also said they are planning to work with the clinic and the Pandas kids there. Separation Anxiety: She is attached to me non-stop. She also has lost the ability to write. And for the first couple weeks she did have a tic that she tried to cover up. She was walking and turning her head to the left while grimancing. We were at a festival where there would be kids she knew, so I know it was not being done on purpose. She sometimes does it in the car when we are going somewhere too. she had so many things going on that everything is starting to blur for me. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what test he did. He drew a tube of blood and said thats what the titers were. The doctor that does phone consults: does he also prescribe meds? Or does he just tell me what to ask the doctor for? My doctor pretty much told me that I would have to find another doctor. But at least he did run the test and give us the keflex. I'm not really seeing any progress with the zolof. But it is only 25 and I would like to keep it at that if possible. Today will be day 5 and in some ways I think she shows improvement, but definatley not with the separation. After the first two weeks, she was so bad off that she started screaming for us to take her to the hospital to get her better. So, we did. The doctor there told us that she must have been watching a tv show called OCD cause the poor kid was doing things that adults who have never had treatment do. I told her we did'nt have that kind of cable and she only watches tv where we are at. I was so mad. My sister lives in Rhode Island so CT is a good possiblity. She would help me get there. Is there a difference in the way Pandas is treated if one is a carrier? Could the fact that I had Rhuematic fever about 25yrs ago be the cause of this? Sorry for so many questions, but I really do appreciate your kindness and help.
  6. I'm positive my daughter is a Pandas kid. On the first day of school, she left the house as one kid and came home another child. I took her to a regular therapist, and I asked her if she thought maybe she had OCD. The lady said no and really did'nt take it seriously. I then took her to our family doc who was sure she had OCD and prescribed 25mg of zolof and helped me find a good therapist and psychiatrist. After one meeting with them, they told me about a clinic that specializes in children with OCD, and that is the best place for her. She now goes 4 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day. After spending day and night on the net trying to learn as much as I can, I'm sure she has pandas. I sent an email to my doctor who called me and ordered the strep titer test. He said it is high 264 and that is after 7 or 8 weeks of when my daughter started. My doctor thinks Pandas is possible and prescribed Keflex for 10 days twice a day 500mg. Then he told me that he would let me have 10 more days for her and that was it. He said Pandas is out of his spectrum. Does the dosage sound right? Is there anyone else here from SW PA? While the clinic is a fantastic place for help, they will not go in the Pandas direction as far as medication. But at least they are teaching her ways to deal with the OCD. Where do I go from here? I need help. I'm so beside myself right now. Any help or info is greatly appreciated.
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