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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to give me this advice. It was practical and straight forward. I did not know that there was a specra cell test. It is very helpful to know this because I thought it was going to be a very long process of trial and error to see exactly what vitamins, amino acids, minerals he might need. This is a huge help and I am grateful for you taking the time to write. The Specra Cell test will save us a lot of time and eliminate the guess work on what it is that he needs. Thank you!
  2. Hi I am Bailey and want any information from persons whose child is otherwise emotionally and physically healthy except for simple vocal and motor tics. My husband and I both have minor ticcing. Mine was really bad when I was ages 14 through 21 with neck twitching and head shaking. It is now only occasional and well hidden with only some neck twitching. My husband has a minor vocal tic where he and I are the only ones that really notice anything. Unfortunately, it appears our eight year old child has gotten both simple motor and vocal tics from us, but greatly magnified to the point it takes weeks for his waxing episodes to wane. He is also being ridiculed in school. We ache so badly for him! We have cut out caffeine, watch his sugar intake and make sure that he gets plenty of rest. He has been on Paxil (10mg) the last year without any real impact. Out of desperation and although trying to avoid drugs, we have surrendered to him being put on Clonidine(0.5 ) due to the ostracism he is experiencing at school. I have reflected on his tic triggers. The only pattern that emerges is that when he is excited or anxious the ticcing will begin and take weeks or months to subside once triggered. For example, Christmas time last year he began severe ticcing. A recent vacation elicited ticcing. Going back to school and or his baseball games triggered ticcing. How does one avoid setting off the ticcing responses to anxious or exciting events with a young boy? Recently, he had a migraine headache episode where the neurologist ordered an MRI test that showed he has had a stroke in his Medulla Oblangata that the neurologist firmly believes occurred sometime long ago, possibly in utero due to my toxemia during pregnancy. Further he was born with a heart condition where he had to take a potent heart drug the first three years daily of his life. The neurologist firmly believes that my son's ticcing, the migraine episode, and the past stroke are all totally unrelated events. He explained this is because ticcing, migraines and where he had the stroke in the medulla oblangata each occur in a different section of the brain. For the Love of God what is going on with my boy? I absolutely abhor the ticcing that my son endures and the social repercussions he experiences for something he can not control. Again, no patterns are emerging over here where I feel I can do prevention because his tics seem to be triggered by normal exciting events(i.e. Christmas , vacations) or anxiety(going back to school, playing sports). Please give me input if someone has some ideas for me on what caused his tics in the first place , or how I can help him prevent triggering the tics. Thank you so much! And I pray for all of our children and each other that must go through this distressing condition that their is relief. Bailey
  3. Hi I just found the Latitudes website and I am positively overwhelmed and equally encouraged by all the data. My son is only eight years old. He has always had some sort of a vocal tic such as some humming or wheezing since he was an infant. My husband has some slight vocal tics such as smacking that is so slight that he and I are the only ones that really notice it. When I was an adolescent I began head nodding and neck twitching. Now all I have is occassional neck twitching that I hide very well with wearing turtle necks. My child's ticcing behavior began with a vengeance last Christmas with vocal tics. A year later he is now having ever changing simple motor tics. His vocal tics continued. He is being taunted in school and my heart aches for him. He told me the other day that he doesn't want to go to school when the kids told him that he should'n't be in the school play because he would ruin it with his vocal tics (throat clearing sounds) I have noticed that his tics wax whenever there seems to be something exciting or eventful occurring. Then it takes weeks before they wane. Except for the tics he is otherwise a very positive, humorous , healthy and happy child. When he was born he had WPW and had to take a potent heart drug called Flecaniade for the first three years of his life to control rapid heart beat. IS there a connection or is it more likely he got whammed with his parent's genetic predisposition? Caffeine is cut out and watching his sugar intake are the diet methods. This has not had a big impact on the tics. I have not noticed any other correlations to the tic behavior other than excitement triggering episodes. What can I do with an eight year old child not to let him get excited about happy occasions!? He was on Paxil for a year and this has not helped much. I finally relented and he just started taking Clonidinezz(.05) daily dose this week because of the pain of ostracism he was experinecing in school. Also , what does Dr. Robbins degrees mean , I have never heard of a dr. in his degreed areas? Thanks in advance for your feedback , it is just so worrisome what he is going through and never knowing if this condition will progress much worse! Bailey
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