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  1. My DS does not have a PANDAS diagnosis. I have just begun pursuing it. He started Listening Therapy, an at home therapy, 1.5wks ago, at the suggestion of his OT. He was diagnosed w/ SPD-sensory seeker in late May and started OT in mid June. He also some difficulties w/ crowds and loud noises. Covers his ears, gets really hyper and upset. Aside from the special headphones, its not expensive at all. We rent the CD's from the OT clinic. They charge $10 for each two wks of the one cd usage, then you trade the cd in for the next one. The OT evaluates and determines which cd's would be best
  2. Yes, our appointment is w/ Dr Federici in Virginia.
  3. We are in Michigan. Chicago is 4.5hrs away. I am considering the Cunningham test. Will it give us more credibility if its positive? Does she/will she do it directly? My family lives in Oklahoma and we will be there in Dec. ASO titer will come back any day now. It was done a week ago. My son never had ANY of these problems before he took the FluMist. As a Russian adoptee, we looked for all kinds of things and kept our eyes out for anything, due to his background. He was as regular a kid as they come. Our ped even remarked at his 5yo well child check how lucky we were and that he had
  4. I'm new here and my DS does not have a diagnosis but all his symptoms started after he received the Flumist last Oct. I'd be VERY careful.
  5. I am new here. Short as I can background, I believe my DS has PANDAS. Started last Oct after being given FluMist. Don't know if he had concurrent strep at that time or not. Never tested. He woke up two days after Flumist sick and not the same boy. He's never really been the same since. We had a brief respite of symptoms from Dec to Mar, then they all came back again, even worse. He's seen child psychologist(during our period of respite from symptoms) who told me he had anxiety and a high IQ. He's been seeing a therapist since last Nov for his behavior and terrible separation anxiety.
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