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  1. Are you giving it with food, maybe that would help with any nausea. We are giving augmentin a try right now too. I am not sure I see anything major, he was hyper last week, but seems better now. Did your son just decide to sleep in his own room and never did before, or you told him he had to. We have dealt with this issue too, our son is 7, he always wants one of us to lay with him before he falls asleep. That is good that you see tics lessening... what are his tics? We have mostly head and eye tics, they are definitely not gone, I still see them tho, maybe a little better.
  2. Thank you for the reply. My boy is 7 and about 60 pounds. Its been about six days or so. The augmentin is 500 mgs. two times per day. I know it takes time to see, but that is so great to hear it has helped your son's OCD issues, we have some of that too, but I am mostly concerned of the hyper and irritable behavior and his tics are mild but they come and go, so I wonder about when they get worse, is it becasue he is getting sick or has strep and we did not know? Thank you for the advice about the yeast. I am worried about that too since I know that antiboitics can cause candida for so
  3. Does anyone here just use Augmentin and have their kids symptoms under control? Should I expect a dramatic improvement or just some if it is PANDAS? I am trying this for my son now, but I don't know. I am worried because he was very hyper last night and said he felt very upset and he hit his little brother over the head with a book, he has not done that before, I hope he is not getting agitation from these antibiotics. I see some are giving Iboprofin, does that help to calm kids down? He also said he felt itchy. I have called in to the doctor but have not heard back yet. thank you.
  4. Do you meant that your titers are high or your child's? That does sound high from what I have read. But from what the doctor said it is the Anti -dnase titers that tell of more past infection, so that is more important I think, not sure. If your child has high titers for strep, could that mean you are catching it from him? I don't know how this would work. Why did you get your bloodwork done?
  5. This notion of inaccurately attributing dental spirochetes to band 41 is addressed by a lyme doctor, which was cited in this post: http://www.latitudes...art=#entry56240 Band 41 appearing by itself usually warrants further investigation and clinical evaluation by a Lyme expert. I’m not familiar with the science that states that half the “normal” population is Band 41 positive. Could you provide further info/citation. Thanks. Well I don't know if you are stating this question to me, but PacificMama, you seem to make some statements that are always in the favor of lyme,
  6. I have recently had an appt. with Dr. T. mentioned on this forum for a PANDAS evaluation. I asked alot of questions about some things I have read and I did question about Lyme disease (which we had already done tests last year thur LabCorp.) We had a very interesting conversation in his office, but I also emailed him some follow up questions I had on everything we talked about. This was his response about a question about lyme and what some where asking about the band 41 for anyone interested. He did mention that many patients, PANDAS or not, do seem to have band 41 positive. "Once a
  7. Priscilla, Did you think the increase in tics was from the olive leaf? how old is the cousin who grew out of toruettes and what age did he start to remit? Did you
  8. Falling Apart, Could I ask what is a carrier state? and how can you tell that? how did you find out your daughter has got strep while on the clinda? Does she get sore throat? I know some don't get symptoms, I am trying to understand how that goes. thank you.
  9. Is biofeedback the same as hypnotherapy? thanks, josey
  10. Nancy, thank you for this information. Are you saying you and your husband had immune panels done for yourselves too? What is cd3 mean? Is your kids on antibiotics now?
  11. annie, what kind of shots? do you mean vaccinations? what is green clay?
  12. emalily, were your symptoms worse before getting treatment at 19? how are you doing now? did it make a difference? did your symptoms or illnesses get better as you aged? thank you.
  13. I was able to speak with him by phone, I just called the office. He was very nice and knowledgeable to speak with, actually spent more than a half hour speaking with me. I have made appointment in two weeks to go to NJ with my 7 year old son. I have suspected PANDAS for a little while, but have only had some antibiotics for him a few times. He seems to get better on antibiotics, but it is hard to tell. We have only been given amoxycilin by our local pediatrician. Thank you to anyone who has any experience on what to expect, I am very new to all this and am finding it hard to read al
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