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  1. hi folks thats us had our first screening test with the child therapist, as i thought my son is having instrusive unwanted sexual thoughts, post traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression because of this and all this at just 9 years old !!! however the therapist was really nice and helpful the next step for him is to visit her once a fortnight for therapy , the therapy he will be recieving is what they call EMDR which is short for eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing but of course there is a waiting list which frustrates me.I am just glad that now he is on the right road to he
  2. hi there thankyou for your post it means alot, there has been big changes in my sons life but i would not say recently not around the time of these thoughts occuring not that i can pin point anyway, the biggest changes he has had to deal with would of been the split up of me and his father where i would say when the changes in my son started, a year later i met my new partner we moved house together then i had a baby which he has always been brill about a i was very worried all threw my pregancy about how he would deal with this for example sharing his mum as he has always just had me
  3. hi there, been to docs yes he is getting sent back to see the child pyschologist just a waiting game now, things are getting worse now and is starting to affect him at school the thoughts at the moment are an every day battle for him, not sure what the out come will be if he will get diagnosed with anything if it will just be theorpy, very daunting but at least now he will get the proper help to help him understand this , will be in touch .
  4. hi folks thanks for all te replies i am so glad i found this sight and have people to talk to about this, what is PANDAS? i have never heard of this before, i dont really understand any of it i feel useless that i cant help my son and take these toughts from him how could this be happening to him at just 9 years old i blame myself is it something i have done i just dont know, as for the answer about the sexual thoughts he wont go into to much detail about the thoughts all i know is he says its more than kissing and people doing rude things to him i am glad he is talking to me about th
  5. hi carolyn thankyou for your reply was very much help to me,i had my son when i was 18 years old we are very very close,his dad and i split when he was just 4 years old but is very much in his life and does not know anything about this. I have had my son to the doctors on many occasion after the split things started to change in him first was for constant hand washing he would not deal with change very well and getting him to school was a nightmare he adventually overcome this then it was crowds of people he could not deal with he gave up karate cause of this, certain foods he wont
  6. hi folks i am new here and thanks for listening i was just wandering if any one is going through the same as me since the start of summer my 9 year old son has been coming to me very upset very down saying he has been having sexual thoughts about older men and now some of friends from school he says he is not attracted to boys as my first thought was he must be gay he says these thoughts drive him mad he does not want to have them and that they just pop into his head for no reason i am tryang to be strong for him but i just dont understend this never mind him i mean he is only 9 stills believe
  7. my son is having sexual thoughts about men

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