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  1. Hello. I haven't posted for a while. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post below. To summarize, my son who just turned 5 presented with facial tics the day after Christmas. We are working on removing yeast as I fear "leaky gut" is an issue and I have added supplements and changed the diet. My question is...he is supposed to get several "booster shots" or immunizations prior to entering kindergarden next fall. I am very concerned that these may further harm him...due to leaky gut - and the whole MMR/autism connection. Is there anyone out there who has a child with tics had to give them more booster shots after the condition started? And if so, what was your child's reaction? I'm very scared about this, honestly, so I'm putting it off as long as I can. Is there any connection here?
  2. Thank you so much for everyone's response. I was so discouraged this morning when he got up as his tics were worse than yesterday. So far we have done the following: 1) removed milk (two days ago) 2) Started EFAs, Vit B complex, Calcium & Magnesium 3) Started probiotic (yesterday) 4) removed sugar (as much as possible) and artificial additives (as much as possible) Is it normal to see things worsening before they get better? I am so frustrated and scared this will be a lifelong thing...help!
  3. Hello. My son, Bailey, who has just turned five years old, popped up with tics right after the holidays. He is rolling his eyes w/a blink and sometimes and blink with a slight head turn. I first noticed it when he was watching tv. I do not think the onset is coincidental as far as timing...he has been under a lot of stress - we've moved twice in the past 8 months, he started a new pre-school, and of course, the holidays. He also has two-year old twin sisters, which stress everyone out. I've been very distraught the past week, and have had ups and downs. I'm thankful for finding this board, and it has offered me hope. Our pediatritian wants us to go to the neurologist on Feb 1st, so I will. I will not, however, do drugs for Bailey. I am convinced that with his stress, and inadequate diet over the past 6-8 months, it has taken a toll and is coming out in the form of a tic. He has also been very sick since early October - several rounds of pinkeye, one round of bronchitis, and he now has full sinuses and a bad cough, with nasal drip. I don't know if this is PANDAS, but I do think that based on what I've read from several posts - there are several things connected....1) stress and nutritional deficiences 2) food sensivities and allergies 3) yeast overgrowth and overload of digestive system (he's had a lot of sugar the past several months at his new preschool). Three days after I noticed the tics, I started him on some flaxseed oil, liquid mega B-vitamin complex, and chewable calcium and magnesium supplement. He used to be on Reliv (a supplement) and did very well with it but stopped taking it around August. I can't force the dang stuff down his throat now, though I wish I could. I have removed milk (just started yesterday). I think that may help his sinuses. And, I'm starting to watch artificial flavorings and colors. I need to do some major shopping. This is all so overwhelming. It has put stress on my marriage. My husband is frustrated and just wants to "fix it" as I do. I recognize these things take time, but I am very scared. It's been a week now that he's had this and they haven't gotten better or worse. Foolish me, I had kind of hoped to "cure him" by the time his neurologist appointment comes. We have very little family history of tics (my husband's cousin has one) and no history of tourettes. I did have allergies as a child. Bailey's behavior has also changed...more quarrelsome towards his sisters, and rigid and less adaptable to change....although I wouldn't call it OCD yet, he has to have his room a certain way, hates it when his sisters get in, etc. Any advice on what else I can do? We are also taking him to a child counselor for the first time tonight...maybe he need to vent some built-up frustration...it can't hurt, right? Does anyone really believe this can go away completely? I am so afraid it will affect the rest of his childhood and adolescent life!! Thanks for any encouraging words or advice in advance. If you want to e-mail me directly, it is amcleannecc@yahoo.com.
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