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  1. I am an almost 27 year old man and unfortunately my tics have been getting worse after I turned 25. A brief history: - Minor vocal tics from ages 5-6. Tics stop completely - Minor but a little more bothersome vocal tics from about 10.5 to 12. Tics stop completely - Minor head shaking tic from 15-25 - Every since I was a kid I have always had a ton of energy, anxiety and at times depression. Probably OCD as well which helped me kill it in school and college so I guess I can take at least one positive out of all of this I have been using magnesium for years, I get plenty of vitamin
  2. I am going to give this a try soon. I had smoked marijuana back in high school and in college with minimal results but I may not have had the correct strain. I am going to buy a vaporizer now and stick with indica strains. Obviously, this shouldn't be given to kids (even though it is probably WAY less dangerous than anti-psychotics but thats another topic for another day) but I am interested to see if it will help me.
  3. I'll start with a brief timeline of my tourette's adventure . I have an extremely vivid memory of each occurrence so I don't think I missed anything Age 5: Barking vocal tic for a few months Ages 6-10: Nothing Ages 11-12 on and off for a year and a half: Simple throat clicking tic Ages 12 and a half to 15 and a half: Nothing Ages 15 and a half to 25: Head nodding tic; Not the worst thing in the world and I could control it pretty good. Was pretty mild and constant for 10 years. Age: 25 to now (I will be 26 in September so it's been almost a year of worsening): Head tic remains but
  4. UPDATING. Since I made this thread, I decided that PANDAS was worth looking into. I have made an appointment with Dr. Bouboulis. The good news is that he accepts my insurance. The bad news is that the earliest appointment is in the middle of August I have also gotten cellulitis again from what is probably either staph or MRSA. It is most likely the same infection that I got in December but the 2 week course of antibiotics didn't wipe it out. They are going to test my nostrils after this infection clears up. I caught it quicker this time than last and got back on Doxycycline about 24
  5. I am thinking that the use of Flonase and a steroid inhaler may have been the thing that increased my tics over the past few months. I had a consistent mild head tic for 10 years but that all changed and now I have about 4 new tics. I had an upper respiratory infection over the summer and used those medications for it. The tics didn't just show up at once but came gradually. I am literally desperate at this point but can not seem to find a good source of help. I am finally going to visit a neurologist and request medication as this is ruining my life. Do any neurologists actually loo
  6. I used it for a few months back in 2008 and again in 2012 for mood. Honestly, i didn't notice any changes at all regarding tics or mood negative or positive.
  7. Thanks for all of your replies. Very helpful. Here is my biggest concern. I have read that some of the methods that are used to treat PANDAS are things that are discouraged against for people with classic Tourette's Syndrome. I have read on the "Tourette Syndrome and Tics" forum that people with classic Tourette's that have taken steroids such as prednisone have had huge increases in current tics and sometimes new tics added. One of the other recommendations that is made is to heal the gut and clear possible candidas. Long term courses of antibiotics would not help with that and possibly
  8. I was wondering if anyone has experience with fermented cod liver oil and increases in tics? I began taking a product called Blue Ice Royal which is a blend of fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil for my adult acne in September. I began taking this product after reading this article http://www.westonaprice.org/cod-liver-oil/cod-liver-oil-basics and finding out the differences between most cod liver oil brands which are synthetic, and the fermented brand that I purchased. After 2 weeks or so, my acne cleared for the first time since I was 13 I have used every product on t
  9. Thanks for the info. I will probably end up seeing him regardless of the price as he seems to be a trusted doctor here. I never thought of lyme but I will definitely look into that as well. Honestly, I have no other symptoms. I fall asleep easily, stay asleep for at least 8 straight hours, plenty of energy, never headaches or muscle pain. Basically my tic, now tics , anxiety, bruxism, and stress are my issues.
  10. I was wondering if PANDAS in adults exist? I am 25 years old with tics, GAD, and OCD. Here is a little timeline of my symptoms. Age 6: Barking vocal tic for 6-8 months from what my parents remember Age 7-10: No symptoms Age 11: "Hum" vocal tic for about a year. Age 12-14: No Symptoms Age 15-25: Head Shake Tic Since the end of November, I developed about 4 new tics. A vocal tic, a blinking tic, a facial grimace tic, and a shoulder tic. They did not all appear at the same time but slowly over the course of the last 2 months. My OCD is as high as ever. It is probably worse becau
  11. I never ended up scheduling an appointment and never did any additional research. Sorry to hear about your son and I hope you find some relief for him.
  12. Not a parent yet but I have had tics since I was around 7 and my older brother has never had them. I am 25 and he is 28. Come to think of it, out of my brother, mother, father, 4 late grandparents, 5 uncles, 3 aunts, and around 20 cousins, none of them have tics besides me.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I think I am going to go to my ENT and possibly start on allergy shots. I actually had started on them a few years ago but stopped for some reason after a few months. I have had the skin prick tests and a ton of things showed reactions. I am just hoping it won't take 5 years like your son . Ah braces, that was a fun time. I still laugh when I think back of me trying to hide them from my friends in middle school by talking without opening my mouth all of the way. As much as your son hates them now, they are so worth it and I am sure he is going to love the res
  14. Thanks for the reply. Was this done at a "regular" allergy doctor as opposed to a natural focused one?
  15. After years of casually trying to treat my tics with methods discussed on this forum, I really want to give it a serious 6-12 months of consistency. I am going to be taking probiotics (Dr. Ohhira's Professional Formula), L-Glutamine (Optium Nutrition), and Now Candida Clear to heal my gut and clear candida if that is an issue. I figure that none of these can hurt and probiotics are good for everyone and Glutamine is known to help with muscle recovery from my weight lifting. I am also going to be avoiding fast foods and center my diet around whole and nutrient rich foods. I am going to foll
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