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  1. How to Help Students who are Physically Challenged. Try some or all of the following suggestions. 1. Prepare classmates for the arrival of a student with disability. 2. Teach students about any special equipment that the student might be using, and insure that others do not play with it. 3. Assign classroom buddies to help. 4. Create classroom layout that does not hinder mobility with a wheelchair. 5. Make sure floor is clean and free from rugs or elevated surfaces that may cause child to trip. 6. Use antibacterial cleaners, and keep students with illnesses away from child with cerebral palsy. 7. Make accommodations such as allowing extra time to complete assignments. 8. Work on verbal communication skills using role playing activities. 9. Only offer help to student if asked. 10. Invent ways of communication if mobility is severely impaired, such as alternatives to raising hands. 11. Secure any necessary special adaptive tools such as pencil grips, and slanted writing surfaces. 12. Make sure that student is being included in social parties, gatherings, and other group activities. 13. Allow student to stretch and be as mobile as possible during class. __________________________ http://www.learningchocolate.com
  2. Hi Mattie, slow writing or showing no interest in writing doesn't mean that you child is ill or having any disability. May be he is not properly guided writing skills or may be he is having less interesting in writing rather than reciting or reading. Suggest your friend to consult the teacher about the problem of the child and try to consult a counselor to know the reason behind less writing interest. It will take time but you child can be cure and develop the interest in wriitng skills too. _______________ http://www.learningchocolate.com
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