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  1. Hi I got the at home rapid strep tests at Diamed Direct.com

    OSOM Ultra Strep A Test

    Item#: OSOM147

    1 $54.11 ($54.11 each)

  2. Does anyone know of a good reference guide for reducing inflammation? I am look for lists of food, additives and such to avoid as well as natural anti-inflammatory medications. Thanks
  3. Hi. How do I get these rapid streps for home?? - would save me lots of trips w/ 5 kids!! thanks

  4. I agree with the 30 days. my doc even does that for my non-pandas kids if they get strep just to be safe.
  5. Anyone know if it is possible to get this after months of daily abx?? Thanks!!!!
  6. oh, yes! regular lab tests are very important when doing high dose D vits!
  7. this is bicillin LA 1,200,000 units. was your's the same? Thanks
  8. Our doc recommends 4,000 per day for 45 pound child whose current level is about 75. due to immune syst dysfunction they want d levels higher than typical.
  9. Hi. The doctor recommended we try a monthly shot of pen. instead of daily augmentin [which is working but not very well]. has anyone tried this with success or failure? Thanks!!!!
  10. we saw Dr T recently and he is good w/ finding infections and treating w/ abx. he does not do PEX or IVIG. he does do steriod bursts.
  11. hi. my son had WesternBlot IgG P41. I am trying to understand this result. any ideas? thanks as
  12. Dr T said he wants to treat my 5 year old [sibling of another of my kids who has severe PANDAS] who has elevated titers and sep anxiety, some tics and OCD - mild at this point. my 5 year old has never had a strep infection that I am aware of, but Dr T thinks abx during the school year will be beneficial. I am not going to argue w/ that!
  13. Hi. I am trying to understand why GFCF would help? is it that Casein and Glutens are inflammatory? my son's celiac was negative and his in not technically allergic to dairy
  14. Thanks for the info. is it hard to get an appt w/ Dr B? He is only about 1 hour away from me.
  15. Kefir does not have the strep bacteria strain in it and it is a super-powerful probiotic. if you have a dairy or casein problem, you can buy coconut milk w/ kefir strain. it is also fairly easy to make yourself. that way you can be sure of the bacteria used and use any type of "milk." My son used to react to yogurts, but they also tend to have lots of sugar, so it is hard to tell what the reaction is to.
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