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  1. Thanks Chemar .....the person does indeed have other compulsions so maybe that side of the syndrome is manifest with them. Do you know anything about the genetics of all of this? I'll look at the OCD sites as well. Thanks. Scottish Nessie
  2. Red lentils simmered till soft and fluffy then add oil of your choice to consistency of your choice. I would use olive oil ( but if you are trying to avoid salicylates then sunflower or safflower ...does not taste so good though!)You could also saute onions, garlic and veg of choice and then puree. Sweet potatoes (the orange ones) might be OK for you and are very nutritious and well tasty! You could add meat if you want to this mixture too. Good luck!
  3. Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right forum to post on but we shall see. I have recently discovered my son(10) has Tourettes and have been finding out about it all and trying various things and then recently like a bolt from the blue I discovered that another very close relative (adult and elderly) is a compulsive liar and has been making up amazing and fantastical stories for years that have fooled a lot of people. I have confronted the person and they had to admit it in the light of definite proof I was able to present but he reverts so quickly to the lying ...it is fascinating really as it is so reflexive and immediate although extremely disconcerting. Well, I am wondering if this could be a symptom of Tourettes too and if anyone out there has any similar experiences to report ......i.e. is pathological lying ever a symtom of Tourettes?? Thanks and eagerly await any replies. Scottish Nessie
  4. Hi Kim and Matt, The falling on the floor thing .... my son does that quite often but doesn't seem particulary high when he does it: I put it down to one of his tics as it seems unrelated to anything else going on with him at the time. I sometimes wonder,actually if I read more into his behaviour because I am looking for tics. He loves playacting that he is walking into lamposts or doors but seems to be in control of this ( a budding comedian!?) I shall try and narrow down the food/s causing the red ear syndrome ...it can't be just any old salicylate because he had a huge amount of hot chilli pepper tonight and no red ears; life is never straightfoward in this game! Scottish Nessie
  5. Tonight we were having a break from the low salicylate diet and during our meal I noticed my 9 year old son's ears ......one (L) was cool and normal and the other was bright red and very warm. Is this an indication of a food intolerance? I ask because it was so quick...I mean we were still eating the meal! I would really appreciate reading other people's experiences with this ....has anyone else experienced the red ear thing and if so what did you learn? I recall that this would happen when my son was still a very small child( <3) but I didn't know about Tourettes then and simply thought it odd ( I wish I had known more then!) Scottish Nessie
  6. Just a thought....someone mentioned that nordic natural fish oil had lemon oil as an ingredient....could that cause problems ??? ( high in salycilates ). My 9 year old seems to react to lemon.
  7. Sounds good Ausclare! How about cold pressed olive oil extra virgin ... also a very stable oil for cooking and very delicious ... the Greeks mop it up with bread at the end of a salad!
  8. I found this today ...it may be of interest to Failsafe diet users: www.quantumbalancing.com/news/canola.htm Canola oil sounds a bit dodgy! Scottish Nessie
  9. Thanks Marina and Ausclare for your comments and reciepe. I'll try it out. Scottish Nessie
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