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  1. Got results back from an EEG done. EEG was normal. Symptoms started immediately after EEG. We still have no answers. Symptoms of unusual behavior include occur every 10 to 14 days and last from 3 to 6 days: -compulsive behavior -confusion -depressed mod -difficult to wake from sleep -difficulty concentrating very poor concentration -disorientation -drowsiness -emotional detachment -forgetfulness -physical and verbal aggression to others -anxiety and unwarranted fears -hallucinations (?) ie. hearing voices and talking to people who aren’t there (beyond the normal --play and or pretending) -headache -abdominal pain or discomfort -impaired social skills -impulsive behavior -destructive behavior -lack of emotion -lack of pleasure -itching -mood swings -memory problems ie. complete lack of memory when episodes are occurring -repeats random phrases, letters or numbers -repetitive behavior -chorea - seizure like jerks – entire body stiffness -random noises and screams -walking in lines -increased incontinence during sleep -stare into space for long periods of time -can occur within 10 minutes after eating a meal -can be resolved by naps or sleeping
  2. Thanks so much for all the advice. Unfortunately, I live in a rural area in Georgia. I have to drive 2 hours to see a decent ped. neuro. at the medical college in Augusta. For some reason the fact that we are in Georgia rules out the possibility of Lyme disease for his doctors. Although I personally know 2 people in Georgia that have had it!!! The doctors almost refuse to entertain the idea that it could even be Lyme or do a test. I do have him taking acidophilus (sp?) on a daily to every other day basis. What is so strange to me is the regularity of the 'episodes'. Then when they are gone he is much, much better than he ever has been! About 10 to 15 days after the positive strep test he had a UTI, had antibiotics to clear that up too.
  3. I can't find answers anywhere. I am joining this forum to try to understand what is going on with my son. He had strep throat at the end of April 2010. Since then he's been exhibiting strange behaviors. He is 9 yrs old and has been diagnosed with ADHD and PDD/NOS for 5 years, however has never exhibited these behaviors. Symptoms arise every 10 to 14 days and last 3 to 5 days. Symptoms include: -excessive sleeping (i.e. 18 out of 24 hours daily) -random strings of speach and noises -repetative, random behaviors (ie walking in lines or walking in circles around the house) -no interest in anything -no memory of the time lapsed when having the symptoms -not able to carry out any requests or demands no matter how simple (ie cannot dress himself) -symptoms seem to be correlated or coincidental with consumption of Red #40 dye -when awake stares into space and does not reply to being spoken to immediately -increased aggression and verbal abuse -complaining of stomach hurting -no fever Blood work has been done and came back fine. Lead levels have been tested, tested for mono, blood sugar has been tested. Urine samples .. everything tests normal or negative for any virus or disease. Of course we have been to the ER. They turned us away saying they could do nothing for us. We've seen a pedeatric neurologist. We are waiting for an EEG appt. to see if there are any low level brain seisures going on. His regular pedeatrician mentioned PANDAS but stated that it is a controversial diagnosis. The ped. neuro., I don't believe is willing to accept the PANDAS as a valid diagnosis or condition. She also stated that the symptoms are not indicative of a food allergy or sensativity (Red #40). His last episode of strange behavior does not seem to be related to consumption of Red #40. Both doctors refuse to accept that he could have Lyme Disease although a tick bite has been documented, but apparently not the right species of tick. With each episode he takes longer to return to normal. However, when he is back to normal his behavior and learning abilities are much improved then what they were before we had these problems. Can anyone give me any ideas or leads as to what is going on with my son. I would greatly appreciate it.
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