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  1. Hi philamom I would get them removed. They will cause pain later in life. I got my wisdom teeth removed in my 30's and I wish I had them out sooner. They caused me on and off pain for years and they did mess up the work my braces did for me. I would request an antibiotic. Get those teeth out now. They can cause such problems older. I really wouldn't worry about a flare. It has to be done. Do it now while she is under your watch.
  2. Courtagen allows you to send the results to other doctors. All you have to do is call them and request the results be sent to another doctor. Your pediatrician perhaps? Another trusted doctor? I did this. I called Courtagen an added another doctor to receive the results.
  3. See if your LLMD will give your son a trial of Namenda. This drug took care of my son's OCD. He now has super mild OCD that turned out to be a good thing. His OCD is that he is now a cleaner. I don't mind it at all!
  4. Try Yoga. Any yoga is fantastic but I like Bikram Yoga because it feels good to sweat it out all. I promise you - you will feel so so good after doing yoga.
  5. Getting the flu was horrible for my son. I now get him flu shots every year. It is a risk I take because for him I am more fearful of the actual flu than the shot itself. Every child is different. My son never had a reaction to vaccines or shots so I was comfortable with my decision. I hope your child bounces back quickly.
  6. My son received treatments exactly four weeks apart. He had to stop due to complications. Did I see improvement - yes. Sometimes dramatic. Make sure you get IgA levels checked before going ahead. You want to make sure your child does not have low IgA or complications can happen. Get this check regularly throughout treatment. Will I ever do ivig again - no. The benefits for him do not outweigh the risks. He never came back to himself. It didn't make him recover. IVIG caused more weeks of suffering than happiness for him. The tease was the glimpses of dramatic improvement. Actually,
  7. We did each treatment over two days. He got one gram of iv steroids per day for a total of 2grams of iv steroids per ivig treatment. It did not require tapering. I hesitate to post on these boards because I don't really think my child had pandas. I think it's something else. I think cases and causes are different. I think you should try it(only because it seems you are leaning that way) and see what happens. If, after treatment, the positives outweigh the negatives - keep on going. If you see more negatives than positives -stop. You will know what to do. The answer will be right in
  8. Yes we did a similar protocol. We did hd ivig with 1 whole gram (1000mg) of iv steroids. That dose of steroids you are getting is not very big. The bonus of the steroids is that it keeps side effects of ivig to minimal or none at all. We did this every month for almost a year.
  9. Hopeny - you might want to double check with Dr. O but i believe she only likes NAC from PharmaNac. She only recommends this particular brand. You can ask her about her reasons. We also use this brand. We are also patients of Dr. O's. We had really positive results with the PharmaNac 3X per day.
  10. It would be my guess that many kids on the autistic spectrum would get a positive test result on this test. I think many kids on the spectrum have bad antibodies floating around. It would be an interesting study to see. If they are going to promote treatable autism, I would like to see a chart/research comparing TS Kids, pandas kids and autistic kids. I would love to see those numbers.
  11. Jag 10 - I was stunned and it bothers me greatly. Yes, I agree Pandas can cause autistic features but I don't think it should be featured as a cure for a possible cure for certain types of autism. It feels wrong. It feels as if some marketing team is trying to feed off the desperation and hope of parents who have kids with autism. Makes the whole thing seem like they are selling snake oil. Again, yes, I know kids get autistic features but it is entirely different than classic autism. An autistic child can get pandas and get more severe. An autistic child can get OCD and tics after strep.
  12. Both my husband and myself get migraines.
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