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  1. Hey Laurena82, Sounds like a funny story. There are instances where I do look back and laugh at certain situations because stuttering and tics can be funny at times but is also a VERY serious matter. I have so many experiences of embarrassment because of my tics and stuttering. Here is a hilarious story(now that I look back on it). I was an athlete in hs and in college and I remember I had a vocal tic during hs and I would say "######" during practice out loud. Very, Very emarrassing, but now I look back on it and laugh. It was really difficult going through vocal tics because
  2. Hello Faith, Throughout the last few years my tics have subsided because when I was a kid I had violent motor and verbal tics. Thank God I have not experience the verbal tics now that I am older because they were very embarrasing. I played basketball in highschool and college and have noticed that my tics increased tremendously due to exertion. I think not that I am older, it is easier to control my tics, but I still have violent tics that hurt my body(i.e. biting down on my molar teeth, looking in uncomfortable directions, shaking my legs, etc.) It is said that tics and stutterin
  3. Hi Letscope I just wanted to point out again that using magnesium and VitB6 is *NOT* homeopathic. I explained on your intro thread what the difference between homeopathy and naturopathy is I am glad you state the medication you are on is working...tho a little confused, as on your other introductory thread you indicated you are STILL having very high anxiety and still stuttering very much?? In general, It is a hit or miss situation with the medications. I do not like to take the xanax every day because I do not want to build a toleiance and have to increase my dosage, th
  4. I am new to this forum and would like to help people dealing with this terrible disorder. I have dealt with tourettes, stuttering, anxiety, and ocd my entire life and would like to help other people dealing with this situation. I have a lot of experience with this disorder and have tried everything. If you have a question or need help figuring out a way to reduce tics, stuttering, ocd, or anxiety, feel free to ask. -Lets cope
  5. Congradulations on DD's relief. I am 23 years old and have tried hypnotherapy and did not experience any extended relief. The only relief I experienced was relaxation while being in hypnotherapy obviously because they basically put you to sleep. Once I would leave therapy I would feel relaxed, but once that sleepy relaxation feeling would wear off, I would go back to normal with my tourettes. -Lets cope
  6. I have tourettes syndrome, stuttering, and slight ocd. I was recommended a while ago to try b6 and magnesium for my situation and did not notice any benefits. No homeopathics have showed any benefits toward my situation, but the prescription drug Serquel has been the only thing that has helped me in the past. It dramatically reduced my tics and stuttering. I was excited to notice that my tics could potentially be reduced for good, but after a few months of taking it, the side effects outweighed the benefits. It would make me tired/sleepy all day and my train of thought slowed. The only pr
  7. Thank you Chemar. I will definatly check in to those homeopathic remedys. -Letscope
  8. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and wanted to inform you all on my situation. I am a 23 yr old college graduate that has been dealing with TS and Stuttering(capitalized bc of its significants in my life lol) my entire life. I am to the point now that I have been having suicidal thoughts even though I know I would never stoop to that level and end my life because of my situations. My parents are in denial about my situation which hurts because I would like my parents to be more educated on TS and Stuttering and could understand my situation by at least doing research to underst
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