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  1. Today was day 2 of our 16 y/o daughter's first IVIG. Thanks to posts on this site we were able to first consult with Dr.K in Chicago and then find Amy Smith at Hill Park Medical in Petaluma so we didnt have to travel so extensively.Kendall developed severe OCD at 5 1/2 and has had severe anxiety and other psych symptoms these last 10 years.She had no reactions to the infusion except a slight headache the end of the first day.Amy followed dr. K's protocol
  2. All I need for my daughter is a Dr. who can give IVIG. I dont need anything else that my primary cant do...that being said, should i just fly to Dr. K ? Sounds like no one is doing it in the bay area as of yet...I'd like to get it done this summer.
  3. I am specifically looking for a Dr. to do IVIG in Northern California.
  4. Has anyone used Dr. Thienemann in Palo Alto for IVIG? thanks for the info on the dr. on petaluma, i spoke with dr.k in march and he suggested finding someone locally to save money! i hope they are finding out the insurance codes to make it easier to get approved!
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