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  1. Second day into my junior year ~ Already exhausted but excited nonetheless. On September 9th I will be halfway through treatment!

    1. browneyesmom


      Have a great year, Emerson - I know you will do well! :)

    2. tpotter


      Good to see this positive update. I hope things are still going well.

  2. Got an LLMD appointment!

  3. About a month into the Nadolol prescription. Hasn't made that much of a difference. Still waiting on co/secondary infection blood tests to come back. Also, cut artificial sugars & dyes out of my diet as well. <3

  4. New neurologist appointment tomorrow! Hoping for the best. <3

  5. So pleased with sophomore year. :) Workload is lighter, classes are easier, teachers are better, ahh... hope it stays this way.

  6. Tested positive for Lyme Disease on August 20th, 2010.

  7. Started my sophomore year of high school today. Can't exactly tell if it's gonna be a good one or not just yet though.

  8. Hasn't been a good week. :/ Gluten-free diet seems to be less successful than initially thought. Sorry for the lack of activity, you guys. :/

  9. The only really noticeable result from the infection was a new finger twitch. Definitely not the worst that could have happened!

  10. Pretty confident I have strep. This is not going to be a good week. -______-

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