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  1. Has anyone had success treating PANDAS and/or active strep infections with natural medicine. More specifically, what natural methods have you used or have knowledge of that act as an effective antibiotic against strep. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello. I am relatively new to the forum. I appreciate all of the incredible information on this forum. My wife and I focus primarily on alternative and natural approaches for our son's healing needs. Learning from others who share the same philosophy and experiences is so very helpful. Can you recommend any fellow forum members who have a reputation of being experts (aka gurus) in alternative/natural medicine? Any help and suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Health and Hope!
  3. Stephanie2, thanks for your response. Ironically we have been using homeopathy for over 3 years to treat our son's ASD with very little tangible results, but still want to try to stick with other natural approaches as long as possible. We are open to any possibilities and I will follow up with Lemke. Since she seems to target PANDAS it might be more productive than the other homeopathic route we have pursued. Thanks!
  4. Thanks junkyardjean. I will look into Rondeau.
  5. Hello friends. Can someone recommend a doctor (MD/DO) or naturopath that is known for successfully treating and/or having a deep understanding and level of experience using natural methods to treat Strep? Looking for the best nationally. Thanks,
  6. ...be able to dialogue with you.

    Thanks in advance,

    Erika and John

  7. SF Mom!

    We are so glad to have found you again. We reached out to you over a year ago seeking natural treatments for PANDAS and I believe you referred us to Donna P. We would like to ask you some follow up questions about our son's challenges. How can we contact you. I think at some point we emailed back and forth but we closed our aol email account since then. Please let us k...

  8. Darla, I have been traveling alot the past two months so I am really late to this post topic. If you still need advice, please let me know as I have alot of experience with SCD. Jstone
  9. I am a little late to this post, but it is a great topic and one that I have heard over and over in other circles I am involved in locally. Chemar is on to something in that the natural food based probiotics are probably the best for a variety of reasons. We have given our son both home made fermented veggies and young green coconut kefir and both caused severe die off symptoms or what we suspect were die off symptoms. On one hand, this is tough b/c our son seemed to have suffered, but on the other hand the symptoms probably mean that the probiotics are doing their job and working to re-establish themselves in the GI tract and duking it out with the bad microflora. In my personal opinion, the Body Ecology Diet and its related passages and products relative to fermented foods is a great resource for this topic. Donna Gates is the author. It is worth checking out. Our son is on the BED diet and has made remarkable strides toward normalizing his gut issues. Good luck !
  10. Sahm, You've come to the right place. See the following thread by Chemar http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=687 Also, I suggest you check out Sheila's book Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide. I hope this helps you.
  11. Thank you Cheri. What you are saying about Tics vs. Stims does make sense. I think I generalized in my conclusion and that wasn’t accurate on my part. You confirmed something I did not know, which is that true TS is a genetic condition. From reading Shiela’s Natural Treatments book, I was convinced that it was a combination of probable underlying genetic conditions with environmental triggers. I will follow up with peglem. It does seems like some of my son's stims are not tied to a specific trigger.
  12. Thank you Cheri. It is amazing how similar certain components of Autism are to TS and the other tic/OCD conditions I read about on ACN. Like TS and the other conditions, Autism is really only the name of the presenting symptoms that have an underlying physiological cause. Our son also has sensory integration issues and has sensory integarative therapy for that reason, which has helped alot. The therapy, in our opinion, hasn't helped near as much as the intervention we have pursued to treat the physiogical issues, but still, we combine them for what we hope is a more integrative approach. His stims, or what I may need to start calling tics, are almost always triggered by a series of specific stimuli. Someone please tell me if I am wrong to be calling stims, tics.
  13. Our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder over 2 years ago. We suspect and should have diagnostic confirmation soon, that our son is PANDAS because he has OCD behavior that seems to 'flare up'. He also has what we call 'stims', which seems to be a terms used more in the Autism world. For my clarification - Are stims (stimulory response to certain sensory triggers) the same as tics?
  14. Does anyone have a link to any research or other explanation of how or why NAC works ? What aspect of PANDAS does it help with?
  15. I feel like a first grader sitting in a college class given that I am new to all of this and keep having questions that have probably been covered so I apologize in advance. My wife and I recently received the PANDAS diagnosis for our 4 year old son. We are working toward understanding the treatment options, but it's clear that Abx is a primary route for treatment and it can include some long term use of Abx. Can Strep A develop a resistence to these Abx over time? I am not questioning the use of Abx just curious if this is a concern for treating PANDAS and how it is addressed. My guess is that the Abx's are alternated or rotated in some way to avoid the resistence issue. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
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