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  1. No, as explained it's a problem with processing speed. Whether questions be given spoken or written my problem is that it takes me a long time to process. It's not specific to any one subject and not specific to any testing format. It is simply associated with higher / more complex tests. For example - on the reading comprehension test I scored ~25/38 when timed but 37/38 when given extra time. More importantly, I was around the 50th percentile when timed (I don't have the report with me at the moment), but in the 90th percentile with extra time.
  2. I was recently diagnosed with a reading disorder, but I think the diagnosis is incomplete. I do have problems reading, but my main problems are with processing speed. On any achievement or intelligence type test, I can usually score close to perfect given enough time. This is for math, reading, writing, logic, reasoning, etc. It just takes me a long time (relative to others) to solve higher level problems. The disorder went undiagnosed until now (I am 20) because I was able to compensate with really good memorization skills. But now, in university, testing is becoming increasing analytical (whether it be political theory, economic theory, mathematics, or analyzing literature). My problems don't relate to any one category - it is a general slowness in processing. On The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV) I scored (in percentile): Verbal comprehension: 86 Perceptual reasoning: 73 Working Memory: 95 Processing Speed: 55 Though perceptual reasoning was likely under reported due to time constraints on the perceptual reasoning tests I was advised that in the DSM-IV, there is no such thing as a "processing speed disorder". Does anyone have any information about a more accurate diagnosis for me?
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