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  1. Make sure there is no Streptococcus thermophilus in your probiotic. I made the mistake of giving my son one with it and his reaction was immediate.
  2. I bought mine from docsavings.com Alere Rapid Strep A Test Strip 25/BX for about 27.00. They are very easy to use, and I think it was the best purchase I have ever made.
  3. Have you thought about having a rapid strep test done? If your Doc is not on board, take him to a CVS minute clinic, if it's negative they'll send it to be cultured. Both my boys tested + this weekend. One has clear symptoms and had a + rapid, my other son rapid negative but + culture. Also Myco P is crazy bad this year. Both of these have been the lone contributor to my son's explosion of tics this year. He was put on antibiotics and they went right away. Just a thought...
  4. Let me first say that I do not have OCD so I can not say that I know what you go through...because I do not. However, from reading your story... I think maybe you are simply not ready to settle down. I think you nailed many other people's stories in there lives esp dealing with long distance relationships. LDR are very hard and stressful! I think many people experience the same fears, high, lows that you do. I am very happily married, and some of the things you were saying ring so true in my life. The annoyances, the doubts,the I'm not good enough, then talking yourself back to reality et
  5. After googleing hot red ears, it seems like it may be a symptom of lyme? There were lots of other possible autoimmune causes, none that were pandas related but I thought that was interesting!
  6. Weird question: Does anyone else's kids get bright red, hot ears for no reason. I get them, sometimes only one of them, sometimes both. I feel like I have a high fever, but it will usually be slight. My son ears do the same thing all the time. Sometimes with a fever, sometimes w/o. It's sort of bizarre. Usually he does have a fever when they're red, but not always. It just always freaks me out with him b/c he has a febrile seizure past.. I know it's a weird question, he and I both have it going on right now, so that's why it came to mind.
  7. I think after 3 days you will be fine. They say 24-48 hours. If it's not her child it will be someone else. It's so hard in the winter, everyone seems to have strep!! My son was just fully exposed to a neighbor who tested positive and by the grace of God, he did not get it! He has had mycoplasma and then back to back strep infections in the past 2 months. I thought for sure he'd get it. Good Luck!
  8. Tami, I had a T&A in high school, and I can tell you from experience that there is a white coating on the tongue and throat. I also was coughing a lot of grey matter up. It was quite gross. I have had many surgeries including c-sections and other abdominal surgeries... by far, having my tonsils out was THE MOST PAINFUL!!! Encourage him to drink lots and lots of water. I kept a jug by my side and forced myself to drink all of the time. I recovered really quickly, but everyone is different. I do not have Pandas, so I can't say one way or the other if it will stir things up, but I do k
  9. I was hoping you were going to say the exact opposite. My son usually spikes really high fevers, up to 105 once. When he was younger, before all of the tics and PANDAS symptoms began, he a 3 febrile seizures, one lasted for 13 minutes. I have often wondered if there was a connection between the two.
  10. GNC sells one milligram tablets in the cherry flavor. My son loves them!! I cut them in half for my 6 year old. It really does help. If he wakes and can't get back to sleep, give the other half. The key is to start the dose out low. Molly
  11. No way will I give my son the flu shot or mist this year. The last 2 years in a row (in November) he received the flu mist which was followed by an explosion of tics that lasted (both years) until February. Maybe the flu mist caused it (I think so) or maybe not...but I will not give it this year so if it happens again I can rule it out. Both of my boys had swine flu last year and they were totally fine. They had fever and flu like symptoms for about 2 days. Believe me, they have been a lot sicker from other viruses then from swine flu!! I think the immunizations carry a greater risk the
  12. So much of your post reminds me of me and how I was feeling in the midst of my son's tics. He has had two explosive episodes that lasted for about 3 months. They always start in November and end in late Feb- early March. They start out explosive with nose scrunching adds eye blinking, sniffing and then slowly taper off. Both times my son had the flu mist, and I think (atleast this past year) they were related to that. I did try the kids calm and I think it helped. I also gave him 500 mg of vit C to help boost his immune system. I tried the flax oil but had a hard time getting him to tak
  13. Well I guess I didn't include everything that went on. So it all began 2 years ago in November. My son started having the nose scrunching and added eye blinking a few weeks later (these went on together) and they were explosive. At the same time he started having horriable night terrors that would last sometimes over an hour. He was also showing ocd behavior. Always asking us if the doors were locked, if we have enough milk, what if we run out of food. Behavor that I thought were weird and concerning for a 4 year old. We went to the pediatrician and I listed everything that was going on
  14. For 2 years in a row now my son (who is 5) has started tics in November. He always starts with nose scrunching, ads eye blinking then both tics fade away by late Feb/ March. Both years he has received the flu mist in November and that is the one thing I can say for sure has been constant. Other then that..the month they begin (November) and the time frame they lasted 3-1/2 months. They have totally disappeared again so I wonder could it be seasonal, or related to the flu mist. The tics come on with a vengence for about 2 months and then fade away over the next month. I have spoken to my
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