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  1. Just got my report. I'm confused about one thing: When I am COMT -- on all genetic genie COMT, which is what heartfixer.com seems to be going off of but I have ++ COMT RS165722 on Nutrahacker report, am I to consider myself COMT + or -? It seems to make a difference on protocol for CBS +-, when you're COMT + or - on heartfixer. So I'm confused on which I should consider myself.
  2. Ped prescribed the abx based on a positive strep test. I guess I'm looking at it from more wanting to prevent this turning into a full-on PANDAS. Right now, I don't know what the sighing is related to. She's finally physically recovered from the viruses/cold/no other symptom of strep now. So without knowing if the constant deep sighing is an autoimmune response to the strep infection (PANDAS) or not, I don't know if I should start abx with her or just do natural support for her system to get better quicker(i.e. vit c, gse, or silver colloidal, garlic, acv, etc...). Sorry - just stres
  3. My dd who is 5 was starting to show some babesia like symptoms - deep sighs/breathing every 1/2 min. She had been complaining of tummy aches for weeks on and off before it started. Since then with the winter bugs, she's had a string of virus/stomach bugs for the last 3 weeks as well. Now she's getting better from the viruses/cold/etc... but her breathing/sighing still remains. Brought her to the ped for the breathing - and she said she's probably taxed from the viruses and will resolve on her own. Asked her to do a strep and it was positive. Does that mean I should treat with abx (possib
  4. What bloodwork is done to see if there is co-infection? Is there one that covers a big chunk of diff co-infections out there? I too am trying to figure out if my dd age 5 has an oncoming pandas or not. She's got sighing she started a month ago and then a string of viruses and stomach bugs. Just did a strep test that came out positive as well. Wanted to test her for babesia too with her breathing symptoms. Could she have both?
  5. I've had tourettes since I was about 5. I've managed it on my own mostly, briefly on haldol when i was in high school with no result, and went on to have a good career and family of my own. But I have been holding my breath (literally due to tics and metaphorically) for my two daughters, wondering if they would have tics like I did. My oldest dd, now almost 7, had at age 5 brief episodes of eye blinking that I wondered if strep was involved. Only got a rapid test which came back negative with our naturopath. We gave her Yin Chao for the viruses/cold. We mostly cut out wheat/dairy and
  6. how is h. pylori treated? My mother was recently diagnosed and has had chronic ulcer for as long as i can remember. She was put on abx for it recently, but gave her horrible unbearable pains.
  7. I was doing a search and came across this topic. What you said about swim pool struck me, because when I was on the swim team, that's about when my tics started shortly after. I've read chlorine can wipe out the ions in your gut, causing all sorts of domino effect of isses, some of them being hindering body's ability detox and sulfate. How are things going now?
  8. But the fact it was shown in the stool test raises the question, since I wasn't even at the doctors to be tested for strep/nor did I show any strep symptoms at the time, is the stool test one that maybe should be considered for strep diagnosis?
  9. Ok - I'm fairly intelligent (or I'd like to think so ), but having a hard time reading through the scientific lingo/terminologies. So I'm gathering that the recent HFMD is not an isolated coincidence. It looks like there may be some mercury and/or nutritional def at play? Re: connection to strep - it looks like the quote excerpt is saying that the antibodies for strep should neutralize HFMD (I couldn't open the link). Is that right? Or am I not reading it right? If so, since she got the HFMD, does that mean strep was not in play in her system? Sorry now it's getting a bit over
  10. Can Foot and mouth disease trigger PANDAS or OCD? Both my dd's got foot & mouth apparently (sort of diagnosed over the phone from nurse on call). My almost 3 yr old dd1 has been doing this hopping in her seat before starting her one TV show and sort of eye blinking thing, not sure if her eyes are itchy and bothering her from the virus (mine and husband's have been itchy these days too). She just got over a cold a few weeks ago, and shortly after shed showed above symptoms. Now she possibly has foot & mouth thing. She's so miserable - sores all over her mouth! I feel like her bod
  11. Spring time is interesting - my dd gets these similar wheezing cold symptoms oct/nov and again april.
  12. I find it interesting about the timing. Was thinking we should do a poll of how many people saw first symptoms in Oct/Nov. On my separate post, I wrote that my 2 yr old started blinking and sort of readjusting in her seat repeatedly (when here one TV show comes on). This all started this month. She was getting over a cold when it started as well, so I don't know if the bug season plays into it - i.e. cold/ flu/ allergies/ mold/ strep. Another newbie mom just posted that her 3 yr old is showing eye blinking for the first time this week too. So it got me thinking...
  13. When I looked in Wiki - it said Strep A is Beta Group A, not Alpha Hemolytic. Am I wrong on this? My naturopath at the time didn't comment on this result - she was more addressing the milk/gluten intolerance finding and crypto, as we were trying to figure out why I was doubled over in pain. Don't know if she even knows about the PANDAS connection - even though she is my dr for TS/mercury issues.
  14. Right after I got pregnant w/ my 2nd, I had a horrible doubling over pain - diarrhea/nausea that was persistent for a few weeks. My naturopath did a stool test, and she said I was intolerant to milk & gluten, along with having crypotosporidium. Recently I looked over the test and saw it also said pathogens/bacterial overgrowth detected for alpha hemolytic streptococcus and gamma hemolytic streptococcus. I have tics - had it since 11. Would these strains affect tics?
  15. Looked into Boiron products - Gelsemium doesn't seem like they indicate it for anything to do with cough - but for Stage fright, apprehension and fever. Would you recommend all the ones mentioned below for preventing strep related symptoms? My 2.5 yr old daughter has almost wheezing cough and sore throat cold that comes and goes around sep/oct and again mar/april. Would love to have homeopathic remedy to curb these rather than antibiotics. thanks.
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