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  1. Our son is 6yo, and we had to explain because we were going to see the ped neuro. Our DS is afraid of getting shots and "finger pricks" at the doctor, so he freaks out. We knew he'd freak out even more being as he wasn't seeing his regular pediatrician. We just explained that we were going to see someone who studies the brain. We've explained his extra "movements" to him (he and I call them tics, but we do not draw attention to them...that's just the terminology we use -- DH calls them "movements"). We have also explained that we will be trying to include supplements and changing
  2. We did see a pediatric neurologist after our pediatrician made the referral. However, it was a complete and utter WASTE OF TIME! Our ped said that he did see the tics, but they were not that noticeable. This has been going on since DS was 4, too. So, the ped suggested we see the ped neuro so that he could assess the situation. However, all the ped neuro did was ask us what the situation was. When I explained it, he did a brief reflex test with DS, and then gave us a "clinical diagnosis" of TS based solely on what I told him. We are in the process of seeking a 2nd opinion because
  3. Chemar -- there are no cases of TS in our family history that we are aware of...that's why we're really puzzled by all of this. Granted, there could be some distant relative that has TS that we have no clue about, but there are no cases that we know of. We, too, think that maybe there's more to this situation. Our son hasn't even been tested for ADHD (although I won't argue that we've wondered), and the doctors haven't done any other testing either. No allergy testing, hormonal testing (refer to other thread), etc. We are so hoping that a 2nd opinion will be more thorough and exten
  4. Okay, I was skimming through the book Children with Tourette Sydrome A parent's Guide, and I was reading the different reasons for tics. One of them mentioned hormonal abnormalities. Have any of you connected this with your child's tics? If so, how did you go about making that connection? We noticed at about age 5ish that our son had awful body odor. Now, this wasn't just boy sweat. This was full-blown body odor like an adult or pubescent teen. We brought it to the doctor's attention, and he of course did the obvious check for hormone issues (checking for hair under the arms and in t
  5. Hello everyone! Our son was recently given a "clinical" diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome based solely on what I told the pediatric neurologist. This has outraged my husband and I. We thought he would be more thorough and do further testing to rule out anything else. Our son started having tics at age 4 and started with eye blinking/twitching. It then moved on to facial grimacing and more recently arm/leg jerks. He's also had a habit of sniffling (hard to rule if it's allergies or TS) and throat clearing. So, after I shared the story with him, he said, "I will give you a clinical diagnosis
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